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The Modesty Ablaze Diaries at Gumroad

To celebrate the publication of my new book Further Adventures, Part 6 in my The Modesty Ablaze Diaries series , two of my previous short-story excerpts “My Cougar Moment” and “A Naughty Surprise” are on sale for just $1 each at my Modesty Ablaze Gumroad profile page.

They are both short extracts from different years in my Personal Diaries Collection . . . and from very different meetings with different lovers.

“My Cougar Moment” – Normally when Hubby and I have a night out at our Swingers Club we will spend the first hour or so sitting at the Bar chatting to staff or to other couples, or singles, that we have met previously.

But on our most recent visit, I did something I’d never, ever done before.

And it turned into one of the most exciting evenings we’ve ever enjoyed there.


“My Cougar Moment” – $1 at Gumroad


“A Naughty Surprise” – I knew one shouldn’t play too close to home, but Scot was only my second lover. I’d met him on the morning school run and with my new-found ‘freedom’ I just couldn’t resist his flirting. I knew it was dangerous and risky. What if the other Mums noticed our playground glances and private jokes? What if they put two and two together?

But we just couldn’t control ourselves. Our affair exploded into almost weekly meetings of passion and excitement.

“A Naughty Surprise” – $1 at Gumroad

“Further Adventues” . . . 233 pages from one year of my Diary entries . . . is also available in downloadable PDF format at my Gumroad page, as well as in Kindle format from both my Amazon UK and Amazon US pages.

You can listen to me reading a short extract from “Further Adventures” from the audio link below.

“Further Adventures – Part 6 of The Modesty Ablaze Diaries”

Enjoy – Xxx – K


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