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Modestly Driven to Distraction #wickedwednesday

One must always remember the most important rules of the road
whilst out driving . . . such as:

1) Always fasten your seatbelt; 2) Keep your eyes on the road;
3) Keep both hands on the wheel and 4) Give clear signals to warn other
drivers of your intentions.

And of course, after parking, make sure you take your car-keys with you on leaving the vehicle . . . so as not to get locked-out !!!

I’m sure you will learn more safety tips, and proper care of car-keys
by driving over to this week’s
Wicked Wednesday by pushing the button below!!!


This latest journey is too late to add to my Scavenger Hunt car category, but it was such a nice drive that I just have to add it to my Exposé Vŭ pages.

Xxx – K


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Grecian Stairs Revisited #sinfulsunday

It’s become something of a personal pilgrimage over the past five summers
for me to climb back up my favourite Grecian Stairs.

So, when I learnt that this month’s Sinful Sunday prompt was . . .
“Stairs or Steps”
. . . well how could I possibly resist! Especially as these
steps hold such special and lovely memories!!!


See who else is climbing stairs this Sinful Sunday by stepping gently
on the lips below!

Sinful Sunday

Xxx – K


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Modesty Ablaze Exposé Vŭ

I’m sure you know just how much I LOVE my Scavenger Hunting . . . but sometimes, having initially found what I thought was a lovely location for a Scavenger Hunt category, I then stumble across something . . . or someplace . . .
I love even more!!!

Like, for example, this wonderful “Bench” which I discovered on my recent Grecian holiday. It was so peaceful and relaxing to stop and gaze at the
lovely view down the valley.

So at the risk of out-staying my Scavenger-welcome . . . but not wanting to waste some lovely new locations or situations . . . I thought that I just simply had to start a new Exposé Vŭ page for an occasional new, and fun,
Scavenger revisited !!!

And don’t forget, there are lots of my initial and actual Scavenger Hunt locations at
my Scavenger Listings page . . . and now over 100 different locations on
my Scavenger Slideshow page as well!!!   

Scavenger Hunt Platinum Award

Xxx – K


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