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Modesty Ablaze “Rope Panties Pt.2” #realworldsex film @makelovenotporn

One of the nicest things about sharing one’s #realworldsex videos at Make Love Not Porn, is receiving all the lovely messages and feedback from people saying how much they enjoy them.

And . . . not only enjoy them . . . but also telling me that my videos have helped enliven and expand their own sex lives and relationships . . . and made them feel much more at ease about expressing their own sexuality. One shouldn’t feel guilty about sexual preferences or desires . . . as long as they are fun, inclusive . . . and completely consensual.

And . . . of course . . . it’s also nice to receive comments and requests for more of one particular video.

So . . . to fulfill several requests for more “Rope Play” fun . . . I’m delighted to introduce a “Part 2” of my recent Rope Panties video with Lover No. 14.

And yes, those lovely panties that Lover 14 had made for me in Part One . . . were eventually and slowly pulled off me . . . only for him to decide that he wanted to do some more rope work. This time in the form of a Star-Design
Bikini Top . . . .

But of course his rope play never just ends with knots and ties . . and No. 14 soon had me giggling and gasping . . . especially as he found some very creative uses for my Doxy Massager . . . including some tickling massaging whilst I was laid on my tummy, and then, even some teasing pulsing whilst having me stand to attention in front of him. All ending, as I’m sure you can imagine, in giggling, tingling and convulsing orgasms one after the other.

If you can’t imagine it . . . well . . . you will just have to watch it won’t you ? . . . I’m sure you’ll soon be giggling along with me. And hopefully tingling too !!!

MakeLoveNotPorn.tv previewed “Rope Panties Part 2” with Lover No.14,  in their Make Sexy Playtime Love Not Porn edition as:

You can never go wrong with a Modesty Ablaze video! From giggles and playful banter to a seemingly never ending stream of orgasms, her #realworldsex will introduce you to new techniques, help you let your guard down, and ultimately, leave you basking in the glory of a fantastically liberated 50 year old woman (who also happens to be a mother, too)!

I know I always say that my latest #realworldsex video is my new favourite
but I can honestly say that this evening was truly one of my most enjoyable and spontaneously wonderful times I’ve ever enjoyed . . . so I hope you will enjoy and laugh and giggle along with me.

And . . . don’t forget . . . If you watch this introductory video from my profile page at Make Love Not Porn Dot TV – it continues with some free peek clips from Rope Panties Part 2 itself.

It’s free to register at Make Love Not Porn . . . where you will find lots more videos from like-minded people . . . all sharing their own Real World Sex fun and good times.

And “Rope Panties Part Two” is all of those things all over, and over, again . . . and I hope you will enjoy, and giggle-along with us!!!

You can view my introduction to “Rope Panties Part Two” by clicking the preview screen at the top of this post . . . or from >here< . . . BUT, as always, if you register (it’s FREE) and watch the intro video directly from my MakeLoveNotPorn profile page there are some short Free Peek clips from the actual video itself at the end of my introduction. AND, no it’s not like all those other video-sites! There are none of those horrid pop-up adverts and unwelcome invitations. MakeLoveNotPorn.tv is simply about other #realworld people just like you and me, celebrating-in, and sharing their sexuality, fun and love.

I urge you to view, and see for yourself, exactly what I mean).

There are lots more screen shots and Free Peek links to all of my #realworldsex videos, at my Make Love Not Porn page >here<. And much more on just why I love the whole concept of MLNP . . . and all of the other Real World People enjoying their own Real World Sex . . . from my “Why I Love Make Love Not Porn” introductory video (from March 2014) >here<.

“Rope Panties Part Two”  is my 37th video released on Make Love Not Porn and you can rent it from my Modesty Ablaze Profile page at MakeLoveNotPorn >here<.

It’s completely FREE to register at MLNP and I’m sure you will enjoy not just my thirty-seven #realworldsex videos, but lots of other fun and amazing contributions from the growing MLNP community as well!!!

Make Love Not Porn

Xxx – K

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Eyes Closed Shut #wickedwednesday

Last week at Wicked Wednesday I included an excerpt from one of my Diaries entries from my still-to-be-completed E-book, “More Adventures”, from two years or so ago. That was “Part One” of a wonderfully fun, and adventurous evening, which I thought it only fair (after several special requests) to complete at this week’s edition with “Part Two”.

So . . . continued from last week . . .  

As the men followed us into the room I could tell they were both obviously aroused by the fact that D was gently pushing me back onto the bed . . .

I have kissed another woman before . . . playing at the club. But this was something different, completely different.

Her mouth was warm and wet, and her tongue hard yet gentle, in a way that I just couldn’t compare with the kisses I would normally receive from Hubby, or one of my lovers. Not really physically different, I suppose, but different in sensation and emotion. The taste seemed somehow sweeter, warmer, softer. I felt her hands squeezing gently over my nipples again, and then felt her pulling my hand down to her pussy. “I don’t really know what to do” I told her. “Play with me as though you are playing with yourself” she whispered into my ear. Her warm breath tickled my senses, and her words made me tingle and arch my back as her own fingers ran a trail down over my tummy, sliding in between my lips and instantly finding my button. Her lips slid away from my kisses and ran down in little pecks over my neck, down over my breasts, kissing at them each, gently on top, and to the sides, and then, pausing above me for a moment, sucking suddenly down onto my right nipple. Sucking and pinching, and stretching it away from my chest with her lips, before releasing it with a wonderful nip of her teeth, before performing the same task on my left nipple.

I had had my eyes closed tightly shut for several minutes, but could now sense her lifting away . . . and then felt her fingers being replaced with larger and thicker hands. I opened my eyes again to see M leaning over me, spreading my legs wider for a moment before running his fingers up my inner thigh and finding the exact spot that just a moment before was being caressed by his wife.

I lay back, groaning again but heard Hubby’s voice saying something unclear and unintelligible to D. I opened my eyes once more and gasped as I saw D kneeling back onto the bed with a large, very large, dildo in her hands. “Have you ever fucked another woman?” she asked. I suddenly knew that these were the words I had just heard her asking Hubby. “Oh my god” I said. Half giggling, half tingling, as I watched her kneeling between my legs and sliding one end of the long pink shape into herself. “I don’t know, I don’t think I could” I stammered. But a moment later I heard myself gasping louder as M’s fingers slid over me to hold me open and D pushed herself forward. “Ohh, ohh” I knew I was gurgling. I felt her sliding forward into me, the softness of her leg rubbing over mine, and then gasping loudly again as, with a little help from M, she lifted my other leg over the top of hers. She started pushing and groaning and gasping louder with every stroke. I pushed myself back against her and groaned again as M’s fingers twirled between us as I felt us slapping together, each with half of her dildo engulfed within us.

Pushing against her I could feel her pussy, and legs, and bottom slapping against mine and feel the thickness of the silicon pushing into me, then relaxing again, then pushing back. And M’s fingers working over me, working over the both of us, was making my groans more breathless, and louder and louder. I opened my eyes again to see Hubby standing next to the bed to my right. His cock was standing vertical against his tummy, and kneeling next to me on the bed to my left, M’s cock was swaying back and forth and tapping against my shoulder. I reached out to grasp Hubby’s cock and pull him onto the bed next to me. He eagerly obliged by kneeling right over me and guiding his cock towards my mouth. I sucked him up and down, cupping his balls in right hand whilst reaching out and stroking M up and down his shaft with my left. I felt him turning and shuffling his own knees up the bed closer towards me. I pulled away from Hubby’s cock, loving the plopping sound as his hardness slipped out of my mouth, and turned to my left to immediately guide M’s cock between my lips.

I could hear D groaning as she pushed and I thrust back against her, feeling the thickness and hardness of the dildo straining inside me. And, directly above me, both men were now grunting and groaning as I sucked and swung my mouth back from my left to my right and then back again. Sucking to the left whilst stroking with my hand to the right, and then turning to suck from the right and stroke to my left. My own muffled gasps were getting louder as M was still leaning forward stretching his hands down over my tummy to twist and twirl his fingers over both of our thrusting pussies. Hubby was squeezing and pinching at my nipples and I managed to gasp out “harder, pinch them harder” as I swivelled my mouth from left to right.

I heard D gasping out that she was going to come and felt her shuddering against me with convulsions as her legs squeezed together against mine. She suddenly pulled away and I felt the thickness slide out of me, making me cry out with my own orgasm as M’s fingers slid deliciously inside me for a moment before my own twists and shudders pushed them away.

I heard Hubby’s voice gasping out above me and then felt sudden warm splashes splatter across my breasts and stomach. I opened my eyes as M pulled his cock from my mouth and clasped both his hands around himself as he cried out as well. I saw the first burst of white from the eye of his knob as it shot past my forehead, and then felt the rest spurting onto my cheek and chin and then dribbling down onto my neck.

“I’m so sorry” he gasped, “I couldn’t stop it. I’ll get tissues” he continued as he swivelled off the side of the bed and stood up next to us. His cock was still erect and looked lovely bobbling around, still dripping, as he leant forward to pull some tissues from a drawer at the side of the bed. “You should apologise, you’re such a messy bugger” D said as she sat up at the other end of the bed.

I lifted myself up as well, “No, no, it was lovely. You don’t have to apologise” I told him as I accepted his handful of tissues. Hubby was sitting up on the other side of me, and accepted more tissues from M, so that he could wipe up his own “mess” from my tummy.

D lay down beside me reaching over to pull me closer against her, kissing me first on the cheek and saying “you are just beautiful”, before kissing me full on the lips again, just as she had earlier. “Thank you” I replied. “You are both beautiful too.” She sat up on one elbow and said “Have you ever done that before? Did you enjoy?”

I giggled “No, and Yes” as my reply. “I feel very greedy, it’s all been about me” I said. M sat back down on the bed and said “Well it’s still early yet . . . !”

As I say, there are more of my Diary entries still waiting for me to find the spare-time to finish, and publish, “More Adventures” . . . but finding that time is so difficult! . . . after all, my “spare-time” is my “fun-time”!!!

And just in case you prefer pictures instead of words, I thought I would include another occasion when I was blinded by the light . . . this time the light from the flash of Hubby’s camera as I stood on my favourite Grecian Steps around this time last year.

For more blindingly hot stories, you simply must visit this week’s Wicked Wednesday from lapping at the button below!

rainbowcircle1-200Xxx – K


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Modestly Red #Boobday Friday


We all have a favourite outfit don’t we? You know . . . one we just have to wear for that “special occasion”.

And although I can’t possibly wear it all day today, I am planning on wearing my favourite red dress out this evening for another “special occasion”.

But then Hyacinth’s #Boobday Friday, is also always a special occasion,
because as she says . . .

Boobday is a weekly meme for us to honor breasts of all shapes and sizes belonging to all types of folks.

All of us who are the owners of breasts know their magical powers, but not everyone gets to hear it. I hope this will become a place of support and praise.

I totally, totally agree . . . and I’m sure you will LOVE seeing different boobs this, and every, Friday from clicking Hyacinth’s lovely cleavage below!


Xxx – K


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Modest Date Night #sinfulsunday

I’m just on my way out for a Sinful Saturday date night this evening,
and I always hope to make an impression . . . from the moment I arrive . . .


. . . to the moment I leave !!!


. . . and, of course, for all of the moments in-between !!!

See who else is having Sinful fun this weekend by smacking the lips below!!!

Sinful Sunday

Xxx – K


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Modesty Ablaze “Kisses Part 2” #realworldsex film @makelovenotporn

ModestyAblazeKissesPt2CoverSince my Valentines Kisses video was published at Make Love Not Porn in February, I’ve had lots and lots of emails asking when “Part Two” would be available.

Well, I’m delighted to say that it is finally here . . . Part Two of that fabulous, sexy, exhausting . . . but wonderfully fun evening of just pure, real world sex.
Because that’s what it simply was . . . just a wonderful evening of real and passionate loving . . . and kissing  all over.

And . . . I do mean ALL OVER . . . because I do so love giving, and receiving, those gorgeously deep, sucking . . . and all-consuming . . . passionate kisses that only Lover No. 50 seems to give.

KissesPt2Teaser3Oh and did I mention . . . DEEP . . . and EXHAUSTING ??? . . . well you will just have to watch the video to see EXACTLY how DEEP and EXHAUSTING I mean.

And, don’t forget, if you register at the lovely Make Love Not Porn dot TV website . . . and watch this introductory video from there . . . you will see some exclusive Free Clips from my “Valentines Kisses Part 2” video at the end. It’s FREE to register and you can see Free Clips of not only all my videos there . . . but lots and lots of other fun #realworldsex videos as well.

The MakeLoveNotPorn.tv Make Lingerie Love Not Porn post recently previewed Valentines Kisses Part 2 as:

In part two of Valentine’s Kisses, Modesty and her lover(s) are totally euphoric! Full of extremely deep, passionate kisses, and some very impressive #downtown action, this video proves that more really is the merrier! Especially when you’re queen Modesty and it’s Valentine’s Day!

You can view my short introduction to “Valentines Kisses Part 2” by clicking the preview screen at the top of this post . . . . . . and, as I mention in that video, if you register (it’s FREE) and watch the intro video directly from my MakeLoveNotPorn profile page there are some short Free Peek clips from the actual video itself at the end of my introduction.

There lots more screen shots and Free Peek links to all of my #realworldsex videos, at my Make Love Not Porn page >here<. And much more on just why I love the whole concept of MLNP . . . and all of the other Real World People enjoying their own Real World Sex . . . from my “Why I Love Make Love Not Porn” introductory video (from March 2014) >here<.

“Valentines Kisses Part 2” is my 27th video released on Make Love Not Porn and you can rent it from my Modesty Ablaze Profile page at MakeLoveNotPorn >here<.

It’s completely FREE to register at MLNP and I’m sure you will enjoy not just my twenty-seven #realworldsex videos, but lots of other fun and amazing contributions from the growing MLNP community as well!!!

Make Love Not Porn

I really do hope you will enjoy viewing “Valentines Kisses Part 2” as much as I enjoyed receiving them!!!

Xxx – K

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Ménage Ablaze #wickedwednesday


nage à trois ? . . . some people may think it’s just plain greedy.

Well . . . I prefer to think of it as just spreading the love!!!

nage à trois is this week’s theme at Wicked Wednesday . . .  and if you tap on the Button below I’m sure you’ll discover lots more about three-somes
and more-somes!


Xxx – K


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Modesty Ablaze @BabesofLondon

ModestyAblazeLondonBabe“So, what do you like?” I asked, “what sort of things turn you on the most?”

In my year of being on the books at Babes of London, I’d learnt that this was the first . . . and most important question . . . that I should always ask.

Most important because, of course, every gentleman caller is different. They all have different desires, different turn-ons, different circumstances and different times for when they are available. Asking that question, and the way I would phrase my reply, was a skill I’d quickly developed and mastered. And from all the positive reviews that had been posted on my profile page at the Babes of London website, I could tell it was a skill that was certainly appreciated by lots of the gentleman I’d met.

I had worried when I’d first joined the Babes of London agency, that I wouldn’t be as popular as lots of the other girls on the agency’s listing. They all looked like glamour-models, with absolutely gorgeous photographs on their portfolios, and vital-statistics that made me feel that perhaps my curves were all in the wrong places.

But my reviews kept growing and growing, my mobile phone rung more and more . . . and I was soon being told that I was one of the most sought-after escorts in the agency.

“Is there something special you would like me to wear for our meeting?” I continued.

“Red heels and a leather skirt” came his immediate reply . . . assured and confident . . . and in a tone that implied he certainly knew what he wanted.

“Mmm, I like a man who knows what he wants!” I purred back.

We agreed a 7 p.m. appointment. I politely declined his request for an all-night booking. “Not on a first date,” I giggled, “let’s see how we get on, and how we both feel after we’ve got to know each other a little better!”

The postcode he gave me was certainly very exclusive! Chelsea . . . the posh end! An apartment, not a hotel. I’d visited there before, not the apartment, but the square itself. Probably the other side of the small, fenced green. But I knew exactly where to direct the taxi driver . . . pondering to myself, as he chirped on and on about the weather, if my date for the evening had really chosen my number from my on-line profile or if perhaps I’d been personally recommended by a near-neighbour.

I always wonder as I wait self-consciously in a hotel lobby, or shuffle nervously from foot-to-foot in a lift as it glides me upwards, or as in this case . . . I cautiously ring the front door bell . . . just what the face behind the voice-on-the-phone will be like. At least the gentlemen I will be meeting will have already seen my photographs, know my hairstyle, the colour of my eyes and the shape and size of my curves.

But I like to think that, over the course of my eventful year at Babes of London, I’ve developed a sixth sense, almost an instinctive x-ray-vision to sketch in my mind’s-eye just how he will appear as that door first swings open.

Tall, well-trimmed short dark hair, confident friendly eyes, square jaw and a firm . . . hand ???

Would I be disappointed with my date this evening? And would my date be disappointed with me?

Well . . . you’ll just have to read his review at Babes of London won’t you !!!

Xxx – K

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Open Monogamy and Modesty Ablaze? #wickedwednesday

ModestyAblazeMonogamyToday I’m “opening-up” to this weeks prompt of “monogamy” at Wicked Wednesday . . .  the popular definition of which (from Marie’s source) is: “Monogamy is a form of relationship in which an individual has only one partner during his or her lifetime or at any one time . . .”

Opening-up because, If you’ve visited me here before, you might be surprised to hear me say that I have been in a completely . . . and wonderfully fulfilling . . . monogamous relationship for over 33 years (31 of them married).

Monogamous? . . . How??? . . . when, from almost the very beginning of those 33 years, I have indulged in “extra-marital partnerships” with lots and lots of different lovers, many of whom I still regularly meet with . . . and many of whom have become wonderful friends as well as wonderful lovers.

Now I know that many people may describe the partnership I share with my Lover No.1, as an “open relationship” and completely the opposite of a monogamous relationship. But I would disagree . . .

Because . . . for me at least . . . I would define monogamy very simply as sharing absolutely everything with one special person.

And by “absolutely everything” I mean every emotion, every desire, every touch, every sensation, every want . . . and every need . . . completely and exclusively with someone in your life that you just know you would never want to be without.

So, whilst my own relationship may not match that “only-one-partner” of the conventional definition of Monogamy. . . for me, my “only-one-partner” makes for a truly Monogamous Modesty Ablaze.

And as with everything in life, I believe that every description and every convention, should have a different and entirely individual meaning for all of us.

We should all be happy to be who we are . . . and not what the conventions of society would have us be!!!

You can read lots of other thoughts on Monogamy this Wednesday by tapping the button below!!!


Xxx – K


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Two’s Company, Three’s . . . #wickedwednesday

Mmm . . . TWO is nice company . . .

ModestyThree1 But . . . THREE can be such fun !!!

ModestyThree2Naughty . . . but Nice Fun . . . and that’s just how I like it!!!

ModestyThree3Marie’s  Wicked Wednesday is three years old this week, and I’m sure you will find lots more people helping Marie celebrate Naughty Number Three’s from licking the button below!!!


Xxx – K


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“A Gentler Squeeze” #realworldsex film @makelovenotporn

GentlerSqueezeCoverMay1615I like sex . . . in fact I LOVE sex . . . and it is always especially sexy and exciting sharing new experiences and sensations with a different lover.

But I also have to feel comfortable with that person . . . I can’t just jump into bed with anyone I meet . . . there has to be a connection, a chemistry if you like, before I can become intimate with someone new.

I have been incredibly privileged over the years to have met some wonderful lovers and had some amazingly fun times. And I have “connected” with several people who have not only become regular lovers, but regular friends as well. Lovers I may occasionally meet not just for sex . . . but for lunchtime coffee or after work drinks . . . as well.

And luckily for me several of those lovers share my excitement and enjoyment at sharing my videos of our meetings on MakeLoveNotPorn.tv.

No silly, not videos of our meetings for coffee or drinks, but videos of our wonderful “real world sex”. Those times when we really do just let ourselves go and indulge ourselves in each others company . . . and each others passions . . . and just see where our emotions take us.

And that’s what makes these “real world sex” videos at Make Love Not Porn, so special for me. They are just that . . . just REAL WORLD in REAL TIME . . . like a video diary of our lovemaking. There is no plan, no script for what we are going to do. We quickly forget about the camera and just . . . MAKE LOVE . . . and not make Porn!!!

“A Gentler Squeeze” . . . my latest video at MLNP.tv . . . is exactly one of those occasions.  It is from a new meeting a few weeks ago with Lover No.36. Although we had met for coffees on several occasions . . . we hadn’t been able to get together “intimately” . . . since the evening of our “Secondary Squeeze” video late last year. So it was really lovely to be able to arrange a new meeting . . . back at our favourite hotel . . . and make up for lost time.

GentlerSqueeze1If you’ve watchedThe Main Squeeze andSecondary Squeeze . . . my two previous videos with Lover 36 . . . you’ll know that he is one of the most “energetic” of lovers I have ever been with.

But in this new video, I think you will see a different side to our relationship . . . gentler, calmer moments of just how much we’d missed each other. Almost like getting to know one another all over again, with some sensual kissing and re-acquainting myself with his . . . rather MAHOOSIVELY thick manhood . . . and then some lovely slow fucking . . . building up to a wonderfully fulfilling ending.

“A Gentler Squeeze” is just part of our time together and perhaps if you enjoy it . . . and let me know that you would like to see more . . . I could upload a “Part 2” from the rest of the evening.

But . . . in the meantime . . . I hope you will enjoy Lover 36 and his Gentler Squeeze !!!

The recent “Make Radiant Love Not Porn” post on the MakeLoveNotPorn-blog previews “A Gentler Squeeze” as:

“Is it just me or does Modesty just get better and better? In this video, Modesty meets up with a lover that she hadn’t been able to rendez-vous with seen since late last year. Maybe there’s some truth to the statement that absence makes the heart grow fonder ’cause once they were given the opportunity, these two sure couldn’t keep their hands off of each other! Filmed by lover no. 1, hubby, this sweet reunion is filled with all sorts of ecstatic moments and a surprising downtown adventure that you’ll have to rent to see!”

There are some screen shots and Free Peek links to “A Gentler Squeeze”, and all of my #realworldsex videos, at my Make Love Not Porn page >here<. And much more on just why I love the whole concept of MLNP . . . and all of the other Real World People enjoying their own Real World Sex . . . from my “Why I Love Make Love Not Porn” introductory video (from March 2014) >here<.

“A Gentler Squeeze” is my 18th video released on Make Love Not Porn and you can rent it from my Modesty Ablaze Profile page at MakeLoveNotPorn >here<.

It’s completely FREE to register at MLNP and I’m sure you will enjoy not just my seventeen #realworldsex videos, but lots of other fun and amazing contributions from the growing MLNP community as well!!!

And don’t forget, you can ask me ANY questions you like about any of my videos, or anything about MakeLoveNotPorn in the form below.

NB: Submissions from this form are emailed directly to my In-box and are NOT displayed publicly. (Alternatively, you can make public comments, in the normal way, from the “Comment” panel at the very foot of this post).

Make Love Not Porn


Xxx – K

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