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The Modesty Ablaze Diaries #wickedwednesday

The Modesty Diaries "The Balcony"

I would never claim to be an erotic writer . . . at least not in the sense of my favourite ladies in that genre . . . Kay Jaybee, KD Grace, Fdotleonora etc etc.

But it was publishing some of my scribbled diaries into Ebook format that actually prompted me to start my first pages here at modestyablaze.com back in January 2012.

I had, of course, intended to keep updating some of the hundreds and hundreds of old diary entries I’d kept over the past 30 years or so, into more editions of the “Modesty Ablaze Diaries” series. But, life just seemed to get busier and busier . . . and even more fun!!! . . . and despite my best-intentions, new editions still remain in my, ever-growing, “to do” folder.

But I do still often receive requests for “more-please” . . . (books I mean silly!!!) . . . so I thought I may, from time-to-time, include little-extracts here . . .

The following is from over a decade ago . . . but reading it again did bring back some lovely tingles.

Half-Term Break . . . with S

It’s been half-term school holidays here and S called on Tuesday morning to say his wife and children would be away for two nights. He asked if I’d like to “pop-down for pasta and wine”. I replied that I’d love to visit him the next evening. I agreed with James that I’d go straight to S’s from the office rather than have to come home first . . .

I’d texted S that I was on my way shortly after six and he asked me to text him again when I got to the Station and he’d pick me up, but I told him I’d feel more comfortable just getting the bus to our home stop as usual and then just walking round the corner.

He met me at the door dressed in just his robe, explaining he’d just showered and would run me a bath if I wished. I said I’d love just being able to soak after a horrible day at work, without having to worry about walking round my own kitchen picking up dirty mugs and plates and glasses left out by the kids and then having to prepare an evening meal. I followed him upstairs to the bathroom and sat on the edge of the bath and chatted for a few minutes whilst he started the water and bath oil. As he left me to return to the kitchen for the wine, I undressed and slid in with the taps still running.

We chatted more on his return and I just enjoyed lying back, sipping wine, as we exchanged our news since we’d last seen each other two weeks ago. I lounged for 20 minutes or so before telling him I was ready to get out, and he found me some clean towels. One to dry, one to wrap.

S had laid out the table with candles, bread and dips . . . and of course, more wine! He’s cooked for us before, but it’s always nice to be waited-on, and spoilt, and just being able to sit down at the table just as though we were at a restaurant (except of course for our attire).

I’d wrapped myself quite tightly in the towel and pushed the corner of it down in the front of my breasts to hold it in place. I could see him keep glancing at them as the towelling worked a little lower as we ate and talked. “It’s not going to fall-off you know”, I giggled at him. “Couldn’t I unwrap it then?” he asked, “I’ve always wanted to eat in a topless restaurant”. I laughed and said “Go on then”. He reached over and pulled it loose. The towel unwrapped and fell away as I continued with my pasta, pretending to be nonchalant as though nothing had happened. I just jiggled a little as I lifted the fork up to my mouth and, suggestively, guided the pasta inside. I was trying not to giggle as he gasped out “Fantastic, your tits are always fantastic. I think about them all the time”.

We continued with our meal . . . and although I was momentarily enjoying myself, exaggerating my movements reaching across for bread, or sipping on my wine . . . and could feel that my nipples were quite hard and loving the way he was looking at them . . . we were soon chatting again quite normally.

Once we’d finished, S got up to top-up our glasses and then said that he had some DVDs that we could watch in the living-room. He offered his hand and I just stood up . . . letting the towel fall away from me and walked with him naked to the sofa. I sat back as he said that he’d finally worked-up the courage to order some movies after our session in “your front room last summer”.

As he walked back towards the sofa with the remote controls, I stretched my legs out and told him he wasn’t sitting down next to me until he’d taken off his robe and “dared to bare”. He laughed and pulled it off and I curled back my legs so that he could sit down next to me.

We sipped at our wine and cuddled into one another as he explained the lengths he’d had to go to to hide the DVDs away from the rest of the family. He went quiet for awhile as we watched, but as I know how much James enjoys me commenting on things when we are watching them at home, I started making the sort of remarks I would as if I had been with Hubby. And, as I do actually find them quite arousing, it wasn’t hard for me to start saying “lovely body”, or “do you like her boobies” or “oh god, I could never take that!”. I started gently stroking him whilst we watched. Just barely touching him at first, just brushing my fingers across him, then a little more deliberately along the top of his willy. Then as I felt him growing harder, I slid my fingers around him completely. He shifted a little and turned to squeeze me and kiss me. I returned his kisses for a few moments, sliding my hand up and down on him now, before pushing him back and telling him “you watch the movie for a little while longer”.

I then dropped down onto the floor, kneeling in front of him, still stroking his erection and leaning forward to flick my tongue across the head of his cock. I had my back to the screen, but could hear the groans and moans from the movie, and hear his own gasps as I started sliding my mouth up and down on him. As I pumped slowly up and down with my mouth, I reached my hands out, pushing them up onto his chest and pushing him back upright against the back of the sofa. I was sucking up and down faster now, trying to match the rhythm of the noises I could hear coming from behind me. He was responding by meeting my mouth going down, by thrusting himself upwards and I could hear him getting louder. I heard him calling out, so pulled my mouth away, grabbing him with one hand and muzzling my nose and lips into his balls as I heard him coming with a loud gasp and felt him spurting out as he thrust back and forth in short spasms. I felt him splashing onto my back and shoulders and several drops on my hair. He was now whispering his groans rather the loud gasps as he’d come. I was still holding his cock and kissed his balls, telling him “I love that”. He gasped louder and pulled me back up onto the sofa . . .

“Half Term Break” actually does continue, along with lots of other entries from around the same period, in my “Part 1 – The Journey” series available from My E-books page . . . and I promise, I will still try and add more editions when I can . . . or perhaps add more extracts here.

But, in the meantime, I am sure you will find lots more interesting journeys and adventures from pushing gently on Marie’s Wicked Wednesday button below!


Xxx – K


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A Modest Quickie #wickedwednesday

I’ve always enjoyed reading erotic stories . . . for as long as I can remember . . . it was always the “naughty books” that interested me much more than the sort of books I was always told I “should be reading”.

But as much as I loved to read . . . I could never write a story. An essay assignment at school was always my worst nightmare! I’d stare at a blank sheet of paper, praying for inspiration and words to appear, whilst all around me I could hear my classmates scribbling furiously into their exercise books!

FurtherCover400Aug2916But diaries? Well that was another matter. A diary was real . . . things that had happened, things that whilst I didn’t necessarily want to share (certainly NOT with my parents or family!!!) . . . for some strange, compelling . . . thrilling? . . . reason, they were things that somehow just seemed to write themselves. Often just dates and names (LOL!!!), scrawled code-words, filling pages of those little soft-covered (usually pink!!!) diary books one always seemed to be given for Christmas and Birthdays.

And the fact that I never stopped, is what . . . eventually . . . led me to be here at Modesty Ablaze Dot Com. And, after publishing my first few diary extracts here on-line, I was astounded to suddenly start receiving lots of emails suggesting I should turn them into Ebooks as well. So, over the course of the next few months I uploaded five short-diary compilations from my E-books page . . . and was part-way through compiling a sixth (“Further Adventures”) when I stopped.

Why? Well mainly because I it was just so difficult finding the time to put them together actually . . . I was too busy enjoying “new diary entries” !!!

But I do keep receiving nice messages of encouragement asking for more, so this week’s Wicked Wednesday theme of “Dear Diary” has spurred me into including one of the chapters of “Further Adventures” below. And you never know, perhaps I will . . . one day . . . find that my “new diary entries” have slowed down enough for me to find the time to complete that sixth compilation!!!

Morning Quickie . . .

One of the benefits of having a lover who is self-employed and has his own office, is that we can often meet at short-notice and on a spur-of-the-moment whim or tease.

That is exactly what happened when Lover Two called me on my way into work on Monday. He wanted to meet up sometime this week for a meal and night out but I was already committed to other (boring) things on both of the nights that he was suggesting. He teasingly said “Ok, how about coming round to the office now. I’ll switch off the phones for an hour”.

Although I much prefer a hotel room and a longer more leisurely evening, we’d had similar “quickies” in his office before, and there’s something that I must admit I do find quite thrilling and risque about occasionally letting myself go in those sort of circumstances. I told him I’d pop round “just for a little kiss and cuddle” then.

I rang into work to tell my colleagues I’d been delayed and would be an hour or so late, and quickly changed lines a few stops later. Hurrying through the rest of the tube-commuters I already felt quite excited by my “naughtiness” as the rest of the crowd were all scurrying off to their work, I was scurrying off for something entirely different! I thought about texting hubby as I exited the underground, but a taxi was right there, and it was only a short journey to Lover Two’s office . . . and the cabby was full of chat and distracting, so hubby would have to wait. It would be a nice surprise for him when he got home that night!

Lover Two met me at the main doors and led me upstairs to his office. We’d used his sofa on a few occasions before, but it still felt different and “dirty” and “exciting”. We fumbled and caressed and kissed and unclipped and unzipped each other. He pulled my knickers off completely and threw them across the room behind us. His cock was almost bursting out of his pants as I pulled and worked it free. The passion was actually quite overwhelming and I actually came in just a few minutes, just from his fingers sliding in and out of me and his lips sucking and scraping at my breasts which he’d freed from my bra and unbuttoned blouse.

I lay back on the sofa whilst he stood and slid off his trousers and pants, and thankfully his shoes and socks. I started to pull at my skirt, lifting my hips so that he could pull it off me, but he told me he wanted me to keep it on, and my hold-ups. He told me to turn over on my tummy and brought my knees down onto the floor so that I was actually leaning forward onto the seat of the sofa. I felt him kneeling down behind me and spreading my cheeks apart. Then I felt him pushing into me. “You’re always so wet” he was whispering into my ear. “I love it, I love you filling my juicy cunt” I groaned in response. I know he loves hearing me talk this way to him . . . and I do so love “talking dirty” when I’m really in the mood.

He was only pumping for a few minutes, and I could tell from his breathing getting louder and quicker that he was going to come. He was holding each of my hips and thrusting vigorously . . . but he knows I don’t like him coming inside. He pulled out and spun me round by my shoulders, stepping over me and pushing his erection towards my face. I leant forward and swallowed him into my mouth. He was gasping and groaning and holding my head tightly against him. I heard, and then felt him coming, swallowing it down as he continued holding my head. I knew he wouldn’t release until he’d finished his shuddering . . . finally pulling away and lifting me up to my feet. “God that was so nice” he said. Our tongues swirled in each others mouths as we kissed and clung to each other. Finally pulling away from each other we started to regain our composure. He pulled his pants and trousers back on and sat down on the sofa to put his shoes and socks back on. I’d re-adjusted my bra and skirt and started searching for my knickers behind the sofa. He found them first “let me keep them!” he teased, dodging my thrusts as I tried to get them back. “You could go commando all day” he laughed. I told him that would be very naughty and very horny, but I’d probably end up “dribbling, and that wouldn’t be comfortable”.

He called me a taxi . . . I was only going to be an hour and a half late for work . . . as I walked up the stairs to my own office I tried to compose myself and appear as normal as I could. But I couldn’t stop thinking about such an exciting start to the week, and couldn’t wait until I could tell hubby about it when he got home, and, yes, I WAS dribbling during the day.

So . . . if you’ve got down this far . . . you are sure to find lot’s more
“Dear Diary” Confessions
from tapping on the button below!


Xxx – K


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Je vous remercie La Bauge littéraire


It’s always very nice when someone says flattering things about you, especially so when those words come from someone with similar interests . . . in this case erotic literature . . . and even more so from someone for whom English is not their native language.

So I was thrilled to receive a lovely email two weeks ago from the gentleman who publishes at La Bauge littéraire (a site dedicated to erotic literature) to tell me about his review of my Ebook  The Modesty Diaries – Part 1 The Journey on his site. Now although I’m multi-lots-of-things (as you can probably imagine), I’m afraid multi-lingual is not one of them . . . although I just swoon at the sound of a French accent, my schoolgirl french is not good enough to read more than a few words!.

However La Bauge has just re-published his review in English which he has very graciously allowed me to re-publish in full below. Several other posts from La Bauge also have English translations and I really urge you to visit the wonderful world of Amber Jahn and discover some of her amazing paintings at: A Radiant Artist. They are quite simply stunning!!!

Thank you once again to La Bauge . . . and, as I have already said to him . . . his words below have motivated me to try to find some time to compile more of my (lots and lots) diary scribbles over the past few years, into a new Ebook Edition as soon as I can.

Katie Ellison, The Modesty Diaries, t. 1 « The journey »

The article you are about to read on the Modesty Diaries has first been published in a French version on my website dedicated to erotic literature, La Bauge littéraire. As the French still have difficulties coping with the idea that there are things worth saying in other languages than their own, this original feature on Katie Ellsion and her Modesty Diairies has remained without any attention. Which is rather sad, as Katie and her excellent texts are worthy of being discovered by a larger public. So I decided to publish an English translation in order to reach a bigger audience, for the sake of these diairies, its saucy details and its human dimension which extends far beyond the boundaries of physical love-making.

As you all know, literature is a kind of a game at the crossroads of reality and fiction. While some texts don’t seem to have any connection whatsoever to the world we all live in, others try to render it in the most accurate way or are destined to give an account of someone’s (for example the author’s) life and his reflections on it. Regardless of this consideration, literature is always fictional, never the real thing entirely. Conscious of this state of things, I was not able to exclude the idea of the Modesty Diaries being some kind of literary hoax. Something rather common and not to be rejected as false or dishonest, just a way of making literature out of something. Since the initial publication of this feature, I have chatted on multiple occasions with this diary’s author, and I am convinced now that the woman behind it all is in fact real. As for the actions related, I am of course not an eye-witness and I can by no means guarantee the veracity of every single detail, but I am convinced that the episodes of her life she has chosen to integrate into this stunning text – those that have led the author on her path to an enlightened – and profoundly human – sexuality – are indeed genuine. This being said, we should of course not forget that, having been transformed into literature, these experiences have acquired an additional dimension  and a veracity that extends beyond that of a single person.


Those who come and visit the den of literature’s wild boar on a regular basis know all about the terrible thirst of this beast of the Teutonic forests for all things related to literature, a thirst that pushes it to transgress all bounds in its search for something to quench the fire in its guts, a fire nourished by its lust for literature and sex, a lust so measureless that it makes him forget all decency, a longing to push to the heart of even the strangest phantasms. You can easily imagine that such a longing is difficult to satisfy, and this is one of the reasons that pushes the wild boar to take a good look over the fence, to see what treasures there may possibly be in other languages. After Barbara Shumway, an American author presented recently with two features, it is now the turn of Katie Ellison, an English writer that I met, just as Barbara, on about.me, a site that built its business case around the notion of egotism, a kind of virtual visiting card that seems to exert a particular attraction on writers of erotica.

We should perhaps start by asking ourselves in what measure Katie Ellsion is about literature. Her texts are presented as excerpts from her diary, first published on a blog destined to be some kind of report of her discovery of – and slow progression toward – polyamory and a swinging life-style, of her first steps in this new world whose doors so often remain closed to the common mortal, caught in the conventions of a society that professes some sort of serial monogamy.

« These extracts are not fiction, but real life accounts of her occasional affairs, swinging adventures and encounters over the past decade. »1

Having never met the author elsewhere than in her writings, it is of course entirely possible that this is some kind of literary hoax, something rather common since the romantic ages, a trick that consists in creating fake biographies with all the appearances of the real thing. Whatever it may be in this case, as we talk (almost) exclusively literature in the wild boar’s den, and as this one has the habit of reaching out to those that offer him the possibility to travel the minds of writers, we are going to give credence to Katie’s story and delve into her texts, The Modesty Diaries, as if these really were the true confessions of a woman fulfilled by the experience of her openly assumed free sexuality.

As one would expect in a diary, everything is written from a first person perspective. As one follows the plot, one discovers a woman that nothing seems to make any different from the ordinary twenty-first century woman, married with kids, doing well in the job and at home. A woman whose first steps in the discovery of the sentimental and sexual aspects of life are those of the biggest part of her contemporaries. Up to the day where she starts (or lets herself get into) an affair, with all those mixed feelings that come along with it:

“Someone else found me attractive! Wanted me! Aroused me! Excited me! I just couldn’t help myself… even the complete feelings of guilt and shame in the aftermath, couldn’t stop me. I enjoyed it… and yes, I wanted it, I needed it.”2

A not very original experience that many have lived through, torn between fulfilment and shame, and that many have not been able to prevent from letting it destroy their marriage. But here lies the difference : The main character of this very intimate diary had the chance of being married to a man that not only understands her but actively encourages her to take more lovers, at the sole condition of telling him everything about it, up to the most saucy details. And that has been the start of a series of encounters that the author has chosen to present on her blog, which has later become the basis of the three volumes of her Modesty Diaries.

The episodes inspired by the rich sexual life of Katie E. (yes, this should remind you of the work of another famous sexual egotist, The sexual life of Catherine M.) have all one thing in common (at least in the first volume I just finished reading), a certain naiveté that, despite the open indecency of the characters and certain of their practices, makes for a refreshing sense of innocence. An innocence that largely contributes to make even more credible the allegations of the chief protagonist who professes the extra-literary, non-fictional character of herself and her texts. The things happening between Modesty (aka Katie) and her lovers are not out of the ordinary, and every person with a healthy sexuality is sure to have enjoyed it in some form: Modesty loves to suck cock, gets her nipples played with, enjoys head-jobs and passionate french-kissing. As I said, nothing out of the ordinary. There are no transgressions apart from the main one that lies at the heart of the matter, polyamory (rendered even more spicy by a big dosage of cuckolding). Apart from that, the sexual habits of Modesty Ablaze are those of about 99% of the population, and no-one would find anything wrong with that.

So, nothing special as for this matter, if it were not for the sincerity of the narrative that contributes to make Modesty Ablaze a real human being, a fellow, a person one would love to meet, not only to enjoy her open-mindedness and her excellence in all matters sexual, but to bask in the all-to-human warmth that she irradiates, a warmth so contagious that it makes exceptional beings out of those who just cross her path, beings that get into the readers’ heads and continue to live there. All thanks to the writing skill of Katie Ellison. And I hope you understand that this is an exploit so outstanding I just had to single it out.

If I have chosen to present to you, my faithful readers, the works of Katie Ellison, it is first and foremost for the profound humanity that lies at the heart of her writing, a humanity we all have a great need for in these times of obscurantist terror, a humanity that expresses itself precisely by what makes us human in the first place, tenderness and love, feelings that lead us into the arms – and between the legs spread wide open – of our fellow humans. This being said, I cannot stress enough how much the indecent encounters of Katie E. can be arousing! A reading adventure that guides those who let themselves be tempted from sexual heat to human warmth, an exploit that makes the diaries of this woman – a woman in the most profound of ways – such a remarkable read.


Republished here with permission from La Bauge littéraire (a site dedicated to erotic literature)

Xxx – K

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Modesty’s memories of Desire #wickedwednesday

This week’s theme at Wicked Wednesday is “Desire” . . . the very emotion that first set my Modesty Ablaze and started Hubby and I on our amazing journey that has brought us here.

So I thought it an appropriate moment to share an excerpt from my diaries at the time. Diaries that I wrote initially to share only with Hubby . . . then became brave enough to share in short posts on my first attempts at blogging here at modestyablaze.com . . . and then, at the suggestion of several early followers, to publish as short autobiographical ebooks.

The excerpt here is from my first diary “The Journey”.

S had been texting and calling me for a week suggesting we meet for “an early Valentines”. As the weather had been so bad over the past few days, and negotiating the streets and finding parking in Hampstead can be difficult even in normal circumstances, we agreed to meet directly at our normal hotel. S suggested we could order room service and just soak in the bath whilst we waited.

He’d reminded me it would be an “anniversary” of sorts (he’s always coming up with “anniversaries” of different meetings, places or events of our times together) . . . so I decided to impress him by packing the red bra, panties and suspenders set he’d bought me last year into my “work bag” as I left for the office in the morning. I’d shown James of course as we got ready to leave for work. We always kiss our goodbyes even more passionately in the morning when he knows that I’ll be meeting S after work, but knowing that I was taking “special undies” made him even more passionate than normal.

The, by now, depressing routine of nine hours plus at the office was made more bearable during the day by my tingles of excitement that I’d be having an evening out after work! I freshened-up in the washroom as all my colleagues disappeared one by one, and I locked myself in my office to do my nails and begin changing. I knew I had loads of time before I needed to call a taxi, so decided to do my toenails as well. As I sat with my tissue dividers between my toes waiting for them to dry I got more and more excited thinking about “dressing-up” for my meeting. I’d already changed into my bra and suspenders and panties and was sitting on my chair with just my jacket draped around my shoulders whilst waiting for my nails to dry. I decided that perhaps I didn’t need my blouse or skirt after-all . . . that perhaps I could just arrive with my grey woollen overcoat and scarf . . . and nothing else at all apart from my lacy red undies. I was sure he’d really appreciate seeing his gift displayed so quickly as I took-off my coat!

Then reality kicked-in and I realised how dangerous, and naughty, it would be to be sitting in the back of a taxi all the way from the West End to the other side of Hampstead with virtually nothing on except for a coat and scarf. I’d walked, in the middle of the night, the few streets to and from S’s house like that, but travelling miles and miles in the back of a black cab . . . that was an entirely different matter!

The more I thought about it though, the more tingly I became. I thought about calling James and asking him, but I knew he’d be on his way home and, anyway, I knew what he would say of course!!

I removed the tissues and pulled on and fastened my stockings. I pulled on my coat and scarf and sneaked down the corridor to the washroom. The mirror isn’t full-length but I stood back as far as I could to see if it “looked unusual”. As I slipped back to my office I knew I’d have to be phoning for a cab soon anyway, so I had to make up my mind. I could hear my voice almost trembling as I phoned. Here I was ordering a taxi on the business account . . . arranging to meet a lover not a client . . . and I was hardly dressed appropriately for company travel . . . Would the radio-controller be able to tell from my voice, would the cab-driver know ?

Fifteen minutes before the cab would arrive and I took off my coat and started to put on my skirt . . . several times!

I was excited . . . and then sensible . . . and then excited . . . and then nervous again. Then my phone rang. Security from reception to say my taxi had arrived !! I pushed my blouse and skirt into the bottom drawer of my desk, tightened my scarf as tightly as I could . . . and, almost floated, to the door of the lifts.

I have sunbathed topless in Spain and Greece, streaked naked for a few hundred yards through Epping Forest in the pouring rain, spent a day at the Tennis Championships with no panties beneath my dress . . . but I have never felt so tingly and so naughty . . . and so aroused as I felt sitting in the back of that taxi. As we crawled along Edgware Road and I gazed out of the window at everybody bustling by and the other cars next to us in the traffic, I felt hot flushes rather than chilly as I thought I might. The taxi-driver had his heater on of course, but it was my tingling that was making me feel hot, and I was sure my face must have been as red as my nails and lipstick. The driver was jovial and talkative . . . and I was polite and conversational in return, but all the time my mind was racing about what James would think when I told him later of how I’d left the office. We were still ten minutes away from the hotel when S texted to tell me he’d arrived and gave me the room number. I replied that he could “start running me a bath” and that I would be there soon.

I certainly felt the chill as I stepped out of the taxi outside the hotel and thanked the driver . . . but I felt a completely different sensation as I strode across the foyer and stepped into the lift !!

I found the room easily and tapped lightly on the door. S kissed me lightly on the cheek as he let me into the room, telling me “your bath is ready madam”. But as I twisted off my scarf and unbuttoned and opened my coat he just stood for a few seconds, his face changing from a smile to almost a gasping look . . . “wow, incredible, simply incredible” . . . before stepping forward and pulling me into a squeezing embrace. His hands were running all over my back and his kisses almost stiffling me. I had to pull away and extricate my arms from the sleeves of the coat before he was pulling me into him again and kissing down my neck to my breasts. He unclipped my bra and was then sucking at my nipples . . . all seemingly within a few seconds. We were still standing just inside the door of the room. “Do you remember these?” I asked him as I helped him slide the straps of the bra from my shoulders. “Of course. I can’t believe you came just like this”.

“Mmm. I can’t believe I did either, but it’s made me feeling very naughty!” We continued kissing, still standing in the same spot. He had slid both his hands inside my panties, squeezing my bum cheeks and kissing from one nipple to the other. He pulled my panties down, dropping down onto his knees as he pulled them to the floor, and nuzzling into my pussy. As I opened my legs to step out of the panties and shake them off each ankle, his tongue was licking between my lips and he was pulling me into his face as he kissed and licked more. He stood up and led me across to the bed, sitting me down and then kneeling down by the side of the bed to continue licking at me more. I was already tingling all over but protested I should “have my bath first”. He lifted away to say I tasted so sweet and sexy that he didn’t want to stop. He pulled off my shoes as he continued to lick at me and then as I lay back a little more onto the bed, I felt  . . .

There is more of course . . . but I wouldn’t want you to become bored . . . SO, So, so . . . for more thoughts, memories and experiences of “Desire”, this week’s theme at Wicked Wednesday, simply click the button below!!!


Xxx – K

P.S. – If you would like to read the conclusion of this excerpt, “The Journey” my first auto-biographical diary is availabe as an E-book PDF >here<.



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Modesty’s Toy Review Round-Up: HedoVibes#72 & my Uberkinky Collar!

Crave-Droplet-Photo courtesy of Slutty Girl Problems

Welcome to HedoVibes, a collection of reviews and giveaways that were posted in the past week or so from around the web. This is a collection of adult product reviews & contests from real reviewers. If you want to be included in the next edition start with the guidelines, then use the submission form.

Want to read more reviews? Check out HedoVibes for a list of the latest reviews and stellar reviewers. You can also follow on twitter for the latest round ups. HedoVibes is also accepting photo submissions for each edition.










Visit my Sex Toys page for some of my Sex Toy Product Video Reviews!

Visit my Swingers Clubs page for clubs personally recommended by my readers  . . .

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Modesty’s Toy Review Round-Up: HedoVibes#69 – my FAV Number!

maPhoto courtesy of Modesty Ablaze

Number 69 . . . my very FAVOURITE Number! . . . and even more so now as this Edition of Hedo Vibes Round-up features not only my review of the wonderful Diamond Dream Glass Dildo, but also my very own photograph of the Dream above!

So . . . welcome to HedoVibes, a collection of reviews and giveaways that were posted in the past week or so from around the web. This is a collection of adult product reviews & contests from real reviewers. If you want to be included in the next edition start with the guidelines, then use the submission form.

Want to read more reviews? Check out HedoVibes for a list of the latest reviews and stellar reviewers. You can also follow on twitter for the latest round ups. HedoVibes is also accepting photo submissions for each edition.











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Erotic Authoress Spotlight . . . Elodie Parkes and her “Candle Magic”

The lovely Elodie Parkes has, of course, featured on my Erotic Authoress Spotlight page on several occasions before . . . and I am delighted to welcome her back for a Cover Reveal of her latest book  Candle Magic.


candleCandle Magic – a fantasy romance from Siren Publishing and Elodie Parkes

When Simi finds a pretty old candlestick among the discarded props in the company storeroom, she never imagines it will grant her dearest wish. There’s something mysterious about the carved candlestick, but Simi is drawn to it.

She’s saved a red candle from a box she bought years ago in an antique shop, and intends to use the candlestick to hold the last candle and make her solitary Christmas lunch more festive. It’s Christmas Eve, there’s sleet in the wind, Simi slips, but Jason catches her.

Who is Jason? Where has he suddenly appeared from in the night?

Simi looks into the eyes of this gorgeous man and sparks fly . . .

EXCERPT from Candle Magic:

CandleMagicCoverEPThe space between them pulsed, making Simi feel as if he actually pressed against her. The atmosphere suddenly laden with sexual tension, Simi stared down at the parquet floor as she led Jason down her apartment hall to the living room. She stopped and turned to him. He loomed in front of her like a magnet of pure sexual temptation. She dropped her bag by the coffee table and unbuttoned her overcoat.
She dared to look into his eyes as she slid the coat off.

“Let me take your coat. The heating is on. We’ll get warm quickly now.” Her voice shook a little.

Jason took his overcoat off and handed it to her with a smile in his eyes.

“Thank you.”

“Sit down. I’ll take these and put some coffee on, or would you like a glass of wine? I think I have some bourbon, too.”

His voice low, he slowly sat on the end of the sofa as he answered, “Coffee is very welcome.”

She practically ran to the coat stand that was halfway down the hall near her kitchen door. She pulled her business suit jacket off and hung that there, too. With a little skip into the kitchen, Simi put coffee on. She left it to percolate and walked back to the living room. With every step, the need to be held against Jason’s muscled chest again grew, until when she saw him sitting quietly on the sofa, her heart gave a huge flip.


Find Elodie:

I hope you will enjoy, and share, the above and if you would like to join my Erotic Authoress Spotlight features . . . and post your own Erotic work here, please email me with your details, from my Ebook page. You can catch-up with previous Erotic Authoress Spotlight guests >here<.

Xxx – K

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Erotic Authoress Spotlight . . . Silke Ming

I’m delighted to have Silke Ming join me today at my Erotic Authoress Spotlight page for a Q & A session . . . and to feature an excerpt from her latest book  Indigo’s Final Surrender.

Questions & Answers with Silke:

pohutukawa-indulgence-living-tree-giftHow long have I been writing?

I have been writing for quite a while. As a matter of fact, I have always thought that I would like to be a writer, but that sort of fell by the wayside when I moved to Europe. It was only twelve years ago, when I made the plunge and published my first novel, which I’m afraid to say was not a great success.

Why did you choose the romance genre?

 I was reading the daily newspaper and there was an article about an author who described the struggles she had encountered as a new writer, and the success she had achieved during the following years. As I continued to read, I could clearly see myself. I looked her up on the internet and found out that she was a romance writer, so I decided I would try my hand at this genre, but romance writing can be quite challenging. It was not as easy as I thought, so after many rejections with my first romance novel, I settled down to read as many romance novels as I could starting with Sylvia Day.

You have now written your seventh romance novel, when you look back and compare the very first with your last novel, what is your impression?

I will say I have come a long way. I am very critical of myself. Whenever I’m unsure about anything, I have two very good friends that I can run my concerns by, before offering it to a publisher. They are very critical and I know they will always be honest and truthful.

Silke, if you could be a character from one of your books, which one would it be?

It would be Sasha Santorelli, from my first book in the Five Widows series, Sasha’s Temptation. She is a very modern woman who knows what she wants and sets out to succeed, in spite of what other people think.

So you have published the 2nd part of the series, called Indigo’s Final Surrender. Tell us a bit about it.

Indigo is a Southern belle and is the most out-going of the five widows. There is actually only one widow in the group, but they have nicknamed themselves The Five Widows, because none of them has a male companion. They are all wealthy and very self-indulgent. Indigo is in her mid-forties and like her friend Sasha Santorelli, has fallen for a much younger man. The story does get a little racy when her twenty-five year old lover introduces her to his identical twin brother.

Why did I choose a May-December romance?

 May-December romance is nothing new, but it is usually an older man with a much, much less younger female on his arm. Why shouldn’t I reverse that, I thought? That’s where the ‘Five Widows’ idea was born. There are three more racy stories to follow, The Colours of Autumn, Scarlet’s Redemption and the Ruby Red. I must admit that these five women are quite a force to be reckoned with.


Indigo’s Final Surrender.

indigo -sm-tfw-indigosfinalsurrender-fullWhen socialite Indigo West, one of the ‘Five Widows’ opens her door and sees the identical twins standing before her, she is totally confused.

One of the two men happens to be her lover Elvis Palmer, but as she stares at them a slither of desire trickles through her body. She has no idea which of them is her lover. She knows that Elvis has an angel tattoo on his left shoulder, but so does Elvin. The longer she stares at them, the more excited she becomes at the thought of sleeping with both of them.

On one occasion she is tricked by Elvin into thinking he is Elvis. She talks Elvis into having a threesome, and this turns into a regular habit.

Even though Elvis is uncomfortable with the situation, he too begins to enjoy the act of sharing her with his brother. It is a secret that the rest of The Widows are not privy to, even though Elvin is constantly among them, masquerading as Elvis. They have no idea that Elvis has an identical twin brother.

When Bobby Jo McVane, Indigo’s gay female friend arrives for a short holiday from South Carolina, she immediately notices the Widow Autumn Chance and recognises her as one of her own. This revelation shocks Indigo, but she holds Autumn’s secret to her heart. Autumn and Bobby Jo two spend their time together in Autumn’s bed, discovering each other’s bodies.

Bobby Jo is enthralled with New York City, but learns from Autumn that life for a gay woman in New York City is sometimes just as conservative as in a small southern town, depending upon the circle of friends and for now, both women find kinship with each other.

EXCERPT from Indigo’s Final Surrender:

“I know your friends think I’m after you because of your money, but that is the furthest thing from the truth. I will admit that the thought did cross my mind when I first met you, but I got to know you better and you are so sincere. You make me laugh and you always make my cock rise.”

“That’s so abso-fuckin-lutely sweet,” she whispered.

“And for a Southern lady, you sometimes have such a filthy mouth, but I like it filthy, especially when you wrap your lips around my cock.”

She smiled as she ran her fingers over his lips.

“You were the first man I’ve ever ……

She suddenly stopped mid-sentence.

“Ever what?” he asked, staring at her.

“I’ve never sucked a cock before I met you,” she said.

“Oh my God!” he whispered. “I feel so honored. You never…….. not even with your husband?”

“Not even with my husband,” she said with a smile.

“And you were never tempted?” he asked. “You allowed me to fuck you here,” he said stroking her tight rosebud. “Was that also a first?”

“You did it to me. You knew it was the first time for me.”

“Unbelievable! Fucking unbelievable,” said a surprised Elvis. “I had pictured you as a woman of the world. A woman who loved men, loved to have fun, and had done a bit of everything.”

“I do like men and I like having fun,” she replied, “but that I hadn’t done.”

He kissed her softly and she snuggled closer to him.

“Did you have loving parents?” she asked, as a manicured thumb made circles over his mushroomed cock head.

“We did. Our parents were not rich, but Elvin and I got everything we ever wanted,” he said. “I didn’t know my father very well. He went on a mission to Vietnam a few years after the war ended, and was never seen again.”

“What happened?”

“We still don’t know. Some say he had been captured by rogue Viet Cong soldiers still living in the jungle. To this day, we have no idea what happened to him.”

“What did the government do to help?”

“I think they did all they could. There comes a time when you must let go and go on with your life.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“Anyway, enough with sad stories,” he said. “You know that Elvin’s older than I am.”

“Now I understand,” she said, smiling.

“What do you understand?”

“Why you got what was left over from the stick.”

“As long as what’s left over makes you feel good, that’s all that counts,” he said, kissing her on her forehead. “What about you? Did you have a happy childhood?”

“I thought I did. My daddy gave us everything he could afford and my momma, well she was always on the lookout for a wealthy man for my sister and for me. That’s how I met my husband Harry. It was something like what they do in India.”

“You mean an arranged marriage?”

“That’s it. A meeting was set and Harry and I met. Lord, he was a good-looker! Bulging muscles, a beautiful smile and a dimple in his chin! I fell in love with him from the very first moment I laid eyes on him. I had found my Rhett Butler. All my friends were jealous of me except Bobby Jo McVane. It was rumoured she had a hankering for women. She never did marry and I don’t know if it is true, but like my Daddy always said, ‘where there is smoke, there’s always a little fire.’”

“So whatever happened to Bobby Jo?” he asked.

“We talk to each other every now and then. She still lives with her mother who is now as mad as a cat. They say she is senile. I guess that means she has Alzheimers disease.”

“That’s pretty sad,” Elvis said.

“Anyway Harry West came by and introduced himself to my Daddy and they sat together on the porch smoking cigars and drinking brandy. When they were through, my father called me over and introduced me to him. The deal was sealed and I pretended to be a little shy.

Now Indie,” said my Daddy. “I want you to sit on that bench over there and become acquainted with Mr. West.”

We sat in the garden under that big Magnolia tree and he courted me. I can still smell those blossoms,” she said, closing her eyes and inhaling. “My Daddy sat on the porch in his rocking chair to make sure that no hanky-panky went on between Harry and me before he proposed. Harry was eight years older than I was and had the experience to go with it.”

She paused for a moment.

“Go on,” said Elvis.

“I was a virgin on my wedding night,” she said. “Oh yes. I was as white as driven snow, and I gave it all to Harry. We were married one year later and very soon after that, I was pregnant with my first daughter and we called her Savannah. A real southern name and like her Momma, a real southern belle! She was such a pretty little thing. One year later, I was pregnant again, with little Emma. That’s what we called her. I can still recall how we would spread our lunch, picnic style on the front lawn and Savannah, Emma and I would lie under the shade of that big, old dogwood tree and we would sip our lemonade like real southern ladies.”

“So how did a southern lady find herself in New York City?”

“The children were sent off to boarding school and things started to fall apart in the marriage. It’s nothing unusual for southern gentlemen to have wandering eyes, so I thought that Harry had found something younger with tighter muscles.”

“What do you mean?” Elvis asked, resting on one elbow to take in the story.

“After all, I had already had two children and my muscles were no longer strong like they were when he had met me as a young, virginal Indigo Dupree. That was my maiden name. My momma said we were of French stock from Quebec, Canada.”

“Would you care for a glass of lemonade?” Elvis suddenly asked. “I am rather thirsty.”

“Yes, I do believe I do,” she replied. “I’ve been running my mouth for a year and a day.”

“Tell me the rest of the story when I return,” Elvis said, hurrying into the house, his cock swinging from left to right in front of him.

He returned and handed her a glass of lemonade and he began to sip his.

“Where was I?” she said, after taking a sip.

“You were telling me how you ended up in New York State,” said Elvis, eager to hear the full story.

“Oh yes. Harry was behaving strangely. Our sex life was non-existent. I thought he was on the prowl for something young and tight. He would come in late at night and the next day I would examine his shirts for lipstick or cologne, but I could never find anything to prove his infidelity. One morning he showed up at four thirty and I was really angry.”

“What did he say?”

“Not much. He allowed me to throw a tantrum, and when I was finished, he said there was something which we should talk about the next day. I didn’t want to wait until the next day, so I screamed and yelled at him. Finally he took a seat and waited for me to calm down.”

“And?” asked Elvis.

“I sat down and he started to talk. The words he used were so long, I thought he was trying to confuse me. Looking back, I knew he was trying to confuse me. I waited to hear the words, ‘I love her or perhaps she is really in love with me.’ Instead he said, ‘I met someone and he …….”

“He?” asked an astonished Elvis.

“That’s what I asked also. My husband left me for another man. How do you compete with another man? I think I could’ve held my own with another woman, but I had no idea what I was up against where a man was concerned. I decided I wanted to meet him.

Silke’s Buy links:

Ming Website       http://www.silkeming.com

Facebook               http://www.facebook.com/silke.ming


I hope you will enjoy, and share, the above and if you would like to join my Erotic Authoress Spotlight features . . . and post your own Erotic work here, please email me with your details, from my Ebook page. You can catch-up with previous Erotic Authoress Spotlight guests >here<.

Xxx – K

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Nominations are open for the Top Sex Bloggers of 2014

Modesty Ablaze CuffedDoes October make you feel blue, bored, blasé . . . with the fun of your summer holiday already a fading, distant memory . . . and are thoughts of the pressure and chaos of Christmas already crossing your mind? 

Well here’s an ideal opportunity for some exciting and titillating distraction and enjoyment . . . not one, but two, Top Sex Bloggers of 2014 Nomination Websites for you to peruse and investigate!!!

Every year both Kinkly and Between My Sheets offer their readers the opportunity to nominate their favourite on-line reading, most sexciting, most sexformative, most-visited bookmarks in their browser.

Not only is it a great way of passing on a little thanks to some of the people that have entertained and informed you throughout the year . . . or who, perhaps unknowingly, may have given you strength and self-believe in sharing thoughts and experiences similar to your own . . . but I also find it is a wonderful way of discovering yet more interesting and fun erotic people and their blogs!

Blogs and experiences that you may otherwise have never come across . . . blogs and experiences that strike a chord, reinforce feelings and desires that you share . . . blogs and posts that make you laugh out loud in agreement (or sometimes wonder!)

So, I really do recommend that you follow both of the above links . . . because I am sure you will find fun times within.

And fun times, for me, is what life should be all about . . . so go on, click and enjoy.

Oh, and yes, I will feel flattered, and honoured should you wish to mention, or include, www.modestyablaze.com during your travels >here< at Kinkly or >here< Between Rori’s Sheets . . . but most of all, I hope you find fun times!!!

Xxx –  K

Oh, and p.s. – Huge thanks, as always, to the wonderful John Tisbury (see my sidebar) for the picture of me above!

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Modesty’s Toy Review Round-Up: HedoVibes#61

50-shades-bondage-kit-800-28Photo courtesy of Cara SutraWelcome to HedoVibes, a collection of reviews and giveaways that were posted in the past week or so from around the web. This is a collection of adult product reviews & contests from real reviewers. If you want to be included in the next edition start with the guidelines, then use the submission form.Want to read more reviews? Check out HedoVibes for a list of the latest reviews and stellar reviewers. You can also follow on twitter for the latest round ups. HedoVibes is also accepting photo submissions for each edition.












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