Modesty’s Wishlist


Thank you so, so much for wanting to Gift me something from my Wishlist . . .

It really is so flattering of you to send me items to show your appreciation, but firstly I would want you to understand that I approach everything I do with fun and sincerity and honesty. And, most of all, with respect . . . and I always want people to return that respect.

So, I must make it plain that if you simply wish to gift me something, it must ONLY be because it gives you joy and satisfaction . . . and that you are not asking, nor expecting, anything else from me.

I may decide, if I feel so inclined, to post some photos of me wearing, or displaying your gift, here on my blog pages . . . BUT you must understand that that will be as far as my gratefulness would go.

So, if that is the case, then I would be happy to accept your gift.

For clothing items the correct UK size to choose would normally be:
Medium UK 14.

Or, alternatively you may wish to email an Amazon Gift Voucher from
the link below:

Simply enter into the “Recipient email” box to send me an Amazon UK Gift Card Voucher.

If you have any specific questions about any of my Wishlist items you can do so from the form below and I will do my best to answer within 24 hours or so.

NB: The form is completely confidential and comes directly to my in-box without any of the details being visible here, or anywhere else.

Thank you so, so much!!!

Xxx –  K





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