Modesty’s Wishlist


Thank you so, so much for wanting to Gift me something from my Wishlist . . .

BUT I have just had so, so many giftings recently . . . and so many toy and lingerie and fetish-wear item reviews lined-up for the next few months . . . that I am temporarily putting any new gifts on hold!

It really is so flattering of you to send me items of your appreciation, but I simply can’t keep up with all the personalised thank you’s . . . and the product reveiws. And it seems so unfair to keep receiving items when I am unable to follow-up and say thank you, or post reviews quickly enough.

I hope to catch-up with things in the New Year, so if in the meantime you would like to be added to my “waiting list” then please email me from the form below and I will try to reply as quickly as I can.

NB: The form is completely confidential and comes directly to my in-box without any of the details being visible here, or anywhere else.

Thank you so, so much!!!

Xxx –  K





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