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I am often asked for more “personal” pictures than those displayed on my “Gallery” page . . . and often asked for much more “personal” information than I may mention in my posts.

So, I do have TWO different Membership options if you would like to see and hear more about me.

Both options are FREE, but in order to keep a little of my “Modesty”, I like to know a little more about my followers first.

So, for access to my private “Unmasked for Followers Only” and “I’m Feeling Daring Tonight” picture gallery pages, I simply ask that you add a comment to my latest post at Modesty Ablaze Dot Com. I will then send you an email with details of the current password for the two picture gallery pages above.

I also have a “Private Balcony Members Only” page where it is possible to see EVEN MORE of me, including some action photos of my evenings with my lovers, and some occasional “very private” videos and audio files . Password access to these pages are available to anyone who has purchased any of my E-books from Amazon or Gumroad. (Simply visit my “E-books” page for more information and the links).

Or . . . I also now have a “Lovehoney Wishlist” page where you can gift me a new toy, or perhaps some exciting lingerie or club-wear, and I will then send you a very personal video-link of me playing with, or modelling, your gift. Just click >here< to see my current “I wish I had” list.

I simply LOVE receiving all your comments and emails, so the two Membership options here are just my way of saying “thank you” for visiting and sharing some of my adventures.

Xxx – Katie

P.S. – You can ask me questions from the form below:

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