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I have recently published “The Modesty Ablaze Diaries – Part One – The Journey” (31,500 words) NOW available now from my Amazon Authors page!!!


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SO MANY people have been messaging me to ask about how I started out on our “lifestyle” and about how I first met my semi-regular lovers. So I thought it might be interesting to publish excerpts from my own private diary, from the past ten years or so, as Ebook short stories.

Most of them are reasonably short journal entries hastily typed into our computer a few days after the event. They were originally meant as fun recollections for Hubby and I to browse back through from time to time, but are in fact what led to me actually starting my on-line diary here.

I realise these first editions are quite short (some of my original diary entries are much longer), but these are first attempts, and are lovely memories that I STILL get turned-on about . . . I hope you may enjoy them as well.

There are many, many more accounts of meetings and fun with all of my lovers and I hope to have more excerpts published soon. But in the meantime . . .

I think the cost of the book is a very “modest” one (see link below), and I hope you will agree the “FREE extra benefits” will make it even more worth your while.


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2 Responses to The Modesty Diaries

  1. Brian Murray

    Hi Katie just purchased Modesty Diaries pt two so will comment when its read, a good bedtime read,, was there a part one ,, many thanks x

    • modestyablaze

      BRIAN . . . Yes there was (is) a Part One. My first E-book, but an on-line company asked me to publish it so I gave them exclusive rights for a fixed period. But then they kept delaying a publishing date. (This was before I discovered “self-publishing”). I have recently managed to cancel that agreement and am trying to add things to it and plan to publish to Amazon and Smashwords soon. I will let you know!

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