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An extract from “Further Adventures – Part 6 of The Modesty Ablaze Diaries” . . . just £2.25 at Gumroad !!!

A short extract from my most recent E-book available from my Amazon Authors pages or, in printable PDF format, from Gumroad.

An extract from “A Naughty Surprise” . . . just $1.25 at Gumroad !!!

A short extract from my most recent E-book available from Gumroad, (for a specially discounted price) at:
I get so excited remembering the events of this evening, as I get to the last few paragraphs, that my voice begins to quiver (LOL !!) But I’ve decided to leave it in, bumps, tingles, whispers and all. Hope you will enjoy!!

An extract from my latest diary “My Cougar Moment” . . .

This is an extract from “My Cougar Moment” the latest short story from my Modesty Ablaze Diaries series based on my experiences of the wonderful open-relationship I share with my Hubby.
It is an account of meeting a gorgeous young Spanish man at our Swingers Club and the wonderful fun that ensued.

Welcome to “The Modesty Ablaze Diaries” collection . . .

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The Modesty Diaries Pt 1 – The Journey

With every thrust my lover was sending me further into my cocoon, my own world of warmth and explosion. I was vaguely aware of the flashing of a camera, my husbands camera, and above my gasps and moans, and the rising grunts of my young lover thrusting above me, I could hear the clicks of the lens!! As I felt the orgasm rising within me, memories of the past two decades flashed before me.

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Arrivals400The Modesty Diaries Pt 2 – Arrivals & Departures – A passionate goodbye

Vince was the unlikeliest of all my lovers. Almost half my age, and seconded to my department on a temporary placement from the Paris office. The CEO had asked that he be made welcome and helped to settle in to develop a higher European profile for the company. My initial upset at being given this unwanted responsibility, was soon swayed by the young Frenchman’s wit and charm.

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The Modesty Diaries - Pt 3 The BalconyThe Modesty Diaries Pt 3 – The Balcony

Vince was my most recent lover. He was new in the office, and 20 years my junior. His candour and youthful charm had already taken me into new levels of excitement and passion. But tonight’s embrace on the balcony overlooking The Thames is just the start of an even wilder evening. An evening that ends with an exciting confession to make to my husband James when I, finally,returned home.

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The Modesty Diaries Pt 4 – A Naughty Surprise

I knew one shouldn’t play too close to home, but Scot was only my second lover. I’d met him on the morning school run and with my new-found ‘freedom’ I just couldn’t resist his flirting. I knew it was dangerous and risky. What if the other  Mums noticed our playground glances and private jokes? What if they put two and two together? But we couldn’t control ourselves. Our affair exploded into almost weekly meetings of passion and excitement.

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The Modesty Diaries Pt 5 – My Cougar Moment

Normally when Hubby and I have a night out at our Swingers Club we will spend the first hour or so sitting at the Bar chatting to staff or to other couples, or singles, that we have met previously.
And Hubby enjoys me dressing like that and sitting, or standing, at my side or watching me take an occasional stroll away from the bar to investigate what may be happening in the play areas, or “public” viewing rooms, and then strolling back through the main lounge, “strutting my stuff” as he calls it.

But on our most recent visit, I did something I’d never, ever done before and it turned into one of the most exciting evenings we’ve ever enjoyed there..

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