Modesty Interviewed

In no particular order . . . some of the pages I’ve enjoyed being featured on . . . and some of the questions I’ve been asked.


Cara Sutra is a multi award winning erotic sexuality magazine & blog based here in the UK.

From Cara’s  Sex Blogger Spotlight Series  on February 13th, 2014 . . . This week I welcome the fabulous Modesty Ablaze into the sex blogger spotlight here at I admire her passion and courage in becoming a very open sex blogger, as well as making wonderful videos you can watch through the links on her site. Thank you Modesty Ablaze for being part of my Sex Blogger Spotlight Series, . . .

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MarySueWehrMary Sue Wehr’s Erotic Romance Author’s page . . . The Modesty Ablaze Diaries feature on March 18th 2013.

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BebeBaloccaBebe Balocca Erotic and Erotic Romance Authoress page . . . A peek into Modesty Ablaze’s Diary May 20th 2013 . . . Oooh, I’m so excited ~ none other than Katie, aka Modesty Ablaze, is here today for an interview. The Modesty Ablaze diaries are full of Katie’s real-life exploits, and they’ll have you hanging on every word, I promise. Katie graciously agreed to answer a few questions so that we could learn a little more about . . .

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MollysMeanderingMolly’s Erotic Meanderings page . . . November 1st 2012 . . . I’m so excited, Molly Monsters, to be able to bring you an interview with the lovely and talented Modesty Ablaze! I’ve really enjoyed her erotica, so get off your beautiful asses and pick some of it up.  Then, grab the nearest warm body and enjoy the result!  Okay…here we go.  It’s traditional here on Molly’s Meanderings to start with the stuff everyone really cares about, so tell me your favorite position, Miss Modesty. . . .

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ValloryVanceVallory Vance Romantic Author page . . . December 20th 2012 . . . Cover Spotlight – The woman behind the Modesty Diaries.

Katie Ellison is a 40-something housewife, mother, lover . . . along with her husband of 30 years she currently lives in London . . .

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