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Modestly In2mate . . . because today is National Orgasm Day

As you may have noticed from my posts during this past week, I’m only just back from my (wonderful!) summer hols and am still catching-up on my inbox.

But today, Monday July 31st, is National Orgasm Day . . . so I could hardly let a day celebrating one of my favourite pastimes go without a mention could I ???

And one of several messages mentioning National Orgasm Day, to have arrived in my inbox whilst I was away, which really caught my eye was a post about a NEW intimate skincare range.

It caught my eye because as I said in my Modest Lubrications post last March, I’ve found that as I’ve “matured” over the past few years, I really do need more lubrication than I used to. It’s just a natural consequence of growing a little older of course. The desire is still there . . . but as our bodies change, particularly through menopause, we produce less natural juices.

Now, I haven’t had the opportunity to personally try any of the In2mate products yet but having read the details below, I certainly intend to over the next few weeks. I will of course report back here then, but in the meantime I think today is the perfect time to re-post the information I received about In2mate.

In2mate is a NEW intimate skincare range with almost 100% natural ingredients to help rejuvenate, repair, detoxify and lubricate vaginal skin.


Vaginal skin is affected by age like any other area of skin on the body. It receives a high level of wear and tear due to sex, childbirth and tampons, so it’s even more important to preserve skin in this delicate area, and for this, antioxidants are key.

In2mate products are among the first to contain a patented antioxidant called PROTEOLEA® which has been proven to help rejuvenate delicate areas of skin by slowing down age-related oxidised cellular waste degradation, by optimising cellular recycling. This process helps improve flexibility and moisturisation for a more radiant appearance and healthier feel.


Healthy bacterial balance in the vagina is crucial for maintaining good vaginal health. The humid and airless environment of the vagina combined with sexual activity, makes for an ideal place for the breeding of bad bacteria and fungus.

In2mate skincare contains a patented probiotic Biolin®, proven to help increase the good flora in the vagina while inhibiting the growth of bad vaginal bacteria that can lead to bacterial vaginitis, thrush and other l infections and imbalances.

Biolin® also repairs and strengthens vaginal skin damaged by age-related thinning, chafing and abrasions.

In2mate products also contain Jujube extract, a natural wound healing tonic for helping to repair and strengthen damaged skin.


The vagina is particularly vulnerable to bad bacteria and so extra defences against toxic build up help protect the vagina from infections.

In2mate products contain Oleuropein, a mild and natural anti-bacterial and detoxifying plant polyphenol, derived from olive trees. Suitable for vaginal skin, it helps shield against the build-up of bad bacteria and also detoxifies vaginal skin leaving it cleaner and purer.


All skin loses moisture with age, but in particular the thin vaginal skin begins to lose moisture when female sex hormones begin to deplete in the run up to the menopause.

In2mate products contain Levan, a natural plant fructose that protects plants against damage from frost and drought by locking in moisture via the formation of a natural micro film over the plant’s surface. Used on the skin it does the same thing, helping lock in moisture and giving skin a smoother more slippery feel.

The right pH?

In2mate products keep the vagina at a pH of 4.5 or below. Normal skin is not as acidic as the vagina. Any product whether it’s a moisturiser, lubricant or wash will also be in contact with skin near the vagina. So In2mate have struck a healthy balance between the skin around the vagina and the tissue within. 4.5 is the perfect pH ‘balance’ because it’s not too high for the vagina and not too low for the skin.

The In2mate skincare range is over 99% natural and includes a gentle, non-perfumed intimate wash, a light non-sticky non-perfumed intimate moisturiser and a natural-feeling non-perfumed rejuvenating lubricant.

The In2mate complete skincare range costs £19.95 (or each item can be bought individually). Visit:

There are no affiliate links used within this review.

And, as I say I will report back here on my own personal experience of the In2Mate Skincare range just as soon as I can.

Xxx – K

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Modesty Ablaze reviews the “Satisfyer Pro Penguin, Pro 2 & 2” @SatisfyerCOM

I love vibrators . . . now, I know that some ladies say they don’t like to use them because they feel it’s not natural, or perhaps that if they start to use them too often they won’t be able to be aroused, or achieve an orgasm, by any other means.

But I just love trying different toys and new designs, and different and new shapes and sizes. Of course, some work for me, and some don’t . . . or some work for me in different ways . . . but I’m always excited to try something new and different.

But I’d never had the pleasure of experiencing a suction-type vibe before. Until recently that is when not one, but three, arrived in my postbox, all at the same time. Not exactly three completely different ones, as they are all from the same manufacturer . . . Satisfyer at . . . and are all of the same, or similar, suction-style family. But, nevertheless, three different designs, shapes and sizes.

Now, as I said, I do LOVE trying new Toys . . . and several years ago when I first began doing product reviews here at my Toy Reviews pages, I initially thought I had to form an instant opinion from the moment I first opened, and turned-on my new toy. However . . . over a period of time, I’ve found it much better to base my opinion, and my review . . . by taking my time, and coming back to my new play-friend(s) for, at the very least, several different sessions and, if possible, several different situations. Because not only do we each enjoy different sensations in different ways, but also because different situations or different times of the day, or different events that may have taken place during our day, all have a bearing on our frame-of-mind, or ability to relax and enjoy. And for me, I (now) always try to approach my play-times without too many expectations, and try not to think too much about the “mechanics” of my play-friend.

Sooo, over the past few weeks . . . I’ve been experimenting and playing with, in lots of different situations . . . the Satisfyer Pro Penguin, Satisfyer Pro 2 and the Satisfyer 2, (not pro, but WHOA !!!)

Now, before I tell you more about my experimenting, I do have to mention the packaging of the Satisfyers. They each arrived in a lovely glossy cardboard box with a well designed full colour photograph on the top and reverse, and the usual standard manufacturing information on the sides. A circular plastic-seal on the top, and bottom, flaps confirms that the box has not been opened since it’s initial packaging.

Inside the box(es) a thin, clear moulded-plastic, container cradles the vibrator and, in the case of the re-chargeable Pro Penguin and Pro 2, the USB-charging cable.

A small, multi-language, booklet is supplied which details the manufacturing specifications and materials and operating instructions. (Though the type-size for the smaller sized packaging of Penguin is rather too small to be easily read!)

I did think about creating 3 separate reviews, but as the design-principle of each is, (in my mind at least), basically the same . . . I thought it more useful to summarise an overview of each one and explain my experiences and the subtle differences in operation, performance and, of course, enjoyment!!!

Now I mentioned above that the Satisfyer(s) are suction-style vibrators . . . to be used expressly it would seem for clittoral stimulation. But actually Satisfyer say they work on the basis of a pressure-wave stream of air from the “head” of the toy. So not so much suction, but rather waves of air blowing and wobbling over one’s sensitive bits. This air is projected from the cup-shaped head which is designed to be placed directly over the clitoris. (So if one’s clit doesn’t extend in pre-excitement, you may need to help it “come out to play” by spreading your labia slightly apart).

On the Penguin Pro this head is a nicely formed white mouth made from a soft-ish, slightly flexible, ABS plastic. It is quite comfortable to manoeuvre, and in fact the overall shape of the Penguin Pro, with it’s soft silicone body, is probably the nicest to hold of all three of the Satisfyer’s as it fits so easily, and comfortably, in the palm of your hand.

As you will see from my photos, the bulbous widest part that one naturally grips, is 6 inches in circumference with a narrower neck that then widens to it’s smaller head (just under 5 inches circumference). The mouth itself is ½ inch in diameter which is strangely wider than the mouths of the two larger sister-toys. However despite it’s small and discreet size (it’s only 5 inches in length) it’s surprisingly intense at it’s higher settings.

But it is finding, and controlling, the settings that I find frustrating about the Penguin. Particularly when I was first experimenting with it. It has just one, central controlling panel. That larger white tear-drop shape that you will see on my photos. I find it is easier to operate with one’s thumb. It is turned on by firmly pushing the top part of the shape which lights up to indicate it is “on”. It starts at it’s lowest intensity which is increased by pressing the very subtly marked button in the lower, wider, part of the teardrop. One push increases the intensity, another push increases it again . . . up through 11 levels of increasing intensity.

But actually I found the higher levels too intense . . . and frustrating in the sense that there is no backward, decreasing setting, until you have reached the top level when it seems to re-set itself and start at the lowest setting again. Either that or turning the toy off and starting again! This makes finding the “right” intensity level annoying and upsets ones concentration. I also found that the positioning of the button / teardrop shape is awkward in itself because it faces inwards . . . in other words, towards the body. This, for me, made it difficult to manoeuvre and find the right position and pressure for my playtime.

And, although, I have been able to orgasm in subsequent play-sessions . . . and quite quickly (in fact sometimes too quickly) after more practice with the button and my body positioning . . . I would say the Penguin is my least favourite of the three and therefore probably least likely to feature in my playtimes.

The larger Satisfyer Pro 2 is though, much more for me.

Not so soft to the touch, but still nicely shaped and easy to hold. And the larger mouth, with it’s more fully shaped “head” just seems to slide over me and into position more naturally. And also in a much more natural position, for me at least, are the controls. So on the Pro 2 they face outwards from ones body as you would, naturally hold it when playing. The “on/off” button is a distinct separate button on it’s own, with the intensity button a little further up the handle. The handle itself is about the same diameter as the Penguin, but much longer (5 inches) to the L-shaped head. This head extends about 1 ½ inches from the neck, or top, of the handle . . . and as I say, just seems more natural to hold . . . and position.

As with the Penguin, I find the higher intensity levels are actually a little too intense, or “wobbly”, for me. And, frustratingly, also as with the Penguin, there is no “back” button. It is either up-up-up until it reaches it’s top (11th???) level, or you have to, annoyingly, hold the on/off button for a couple of seconds to turn it off completely, and start over. But oh my, once I find the “right” intensity . . . the sensation is simply convulsing. And possibly because the buttons are larger, and separate from the on/off one, I don’t find the Satisfyer Pro 2 to be as frustrating to get myself started as I do with it’s smaller sister.

Sooo, consequently, I admit to having . . . successfully . . . played with my Pro 2, on several occasions over the past few weeks, AND absolutely LOVING the convulsing caresses it gives.

Now, both the Penguin and the Pro 2 are re-chargeable with a quite easy to use, magnetic-disc attachment that is pulled magnetically to two small charging pins on the base of each toy with the other end being attached via a USB connection to a normal / standard USB-compatible charger. (See my photo above). So there is nothing to push into the toys themselves and I’ve had no problems at all with charging and re-charging.

But the final, and largest, of my three Satisfyers . . . just called the Satisfyer 2
. . . is battery operated. Now this (older-style technology), and the fact that it’s design is less “contemporary looking” or perhaps not quite so ergonomic in shape, might lead you to believe that it was going to be the least satisfactory of my three choices.

Well, you couldn’t be more wrong! Because . . . as I said in my introduction . . . Whoa !!! Despite expectations . . . And despite being the last of the Satisfyers in my experimenting, I simply LOVE this toy.


Not because it is the largest (despite what you may think, I don’t judge everything by size!) It is 7 inches in length and harder to the feel than either of the other two. But it is actually no heavier than the Pro 2, and it’s tapered handle is actually just as easy to hold and position. The range and power of it’s intensity also seems to match the Pro 2 . . .

BUT it is it’s control buttons that are the real clincher for me!!! Because, not only are they outwards facing as well, BUT the buttons on the Satisfyer 2 allow one to cycle not only upwards in intensity, but also downwards, which for me, make such a huge difference. It makes playtime so much more fulfilling . . . and Satisfyer-ing . . . to be able to push one-step upwards for just a little-more, but then one-step back down again, if you need to just slow-down . . . and calm-down . . . the sensations again. So much easier to control and so much easier to maintain one’s concentration.

For me playtime, whether it’s alone with one’s toys, or together with a partner(s), shouldn’t be a rush to orgasm . . . I enjoy things most when I am able to take my time, to build-up and slow-down again. To tease and tantalise and titillate and stimulate. And despite it’s impressive power and intensity, the Satisfyer 2 allows me to do just that, to actually “play” more.

But, when I do, finally, want it, the explosive and shuddering convulsions with the Satisfyer 2, have been just shudderingly wonderful.

And with battery powered toys being, I’d thought, almost a thing of the past, I was worried that with the power of the 2, the batteries would quite quickly run-out. (It takes two small AAA’s). But although I am on my second set, I only changed them because I thought . . . “surely they must go flat soon” . . . and I didn’t want them to stop in the middle of playtime.

I was also worried that the twist-to-open and take-off, compartment might affect the “waterproof”-ability of the toy. But I have actually used the Satisfyer 2 in a heavily bubbled, and quite warm, bath, without any loss of power, or detrimental affect. Not that I use any of my favourite toys in the bath very often, (I just don’t find it comfortable enough to fully let myself go), but in the interests of testing the manufacturer’s claims that all three of these toys are 100% waterproof, I did give them all the “bath test”. And whilst they all survived, and were certainly pleasurable, only one actually brought me successfully to climax. And yes, it was the 2 . . . but that was probably more due to the buttons, rather than superior submarine performance.

So, as you can tell, I do have a firm favourite amongst my three newest play-toys. And if clittoral-stimulation does it for you then I would thoroughly recommend, without a moment of hesitation, the Satisfyer 2 as probably the best value-for-money, gloriously orgasmic and quickly efficient (if quickness is also a high priority) clittoral stimulator it has been my pleasure(s) to experience.

So . . . just to summarise each of my Satisfyer experiences . . .

The  Satisfyer Pro Penguin
Modesty Rating: 5 out of 10
Pros: Light and comfortable to hold. Small and discreet.
Cons: One-piece control button design. Control faces inwards towards the body. Can only cycle upwards through intensity levels.
Material: ABS Plastic, Silicone.
Measurements: Just over 5 inches in length. 6 inches circumference at it’s widest part.
Colour: Pink and white.
Power: Rechargeable with supplied USB Cable.
Waterproof: Yes.
Lubricant recommendation: Water based.
Noise level: Quite loud until pressure is applied to the mouth, or the mouth is placed in position. Then quite quiet, even at the highest level.
After-care: Should be cleaned with damp cloth, or one of the specialist sex-toy cleaners and dried with a soft, lint-free cloth.
Supplier Product Link: The Satisfyer Pro Penguin
Additional Supplier Links:

The Satisfyer Pro 2
Modesty Rating: 7 out of 10
Pros: Light and comfortable to hold. Nice pronounced head, which is easy to position. Control buttons easy to find (but see below).
Cons: Can only cycle upwards through intensity levels.
Material: ABS Plastic, Silicone.
Measurements: Just over 7 inches in length. 6 inches circumference at it’s widest part.
Colour: Bronze with white detail.
Power: Rechargeable with supplied USB Cable.
Waterproof: Yes.
Lubricant recommendation: Water based.
Noise level: Loud until pressure is applied to the mouth, or the mouth is placed in position. Then quite quiet, even at the highest level.
After-care: Should be cleaned with damp cloth, or one of the specialist sex-toy cleaners and dried with a soft, lint-free cloth.
Supplier Product Link: The Satisfyer Pro 2
Additional Supplier Links:

The Satisfyer 2
Modesty Rating: 10 out of 10
Pros: Light to hold. Comfortable, tapered handle, easily held in two hands. Control buttons easy to operate AND can cycle up, or down, in intensity level.
Cons: Batteries not supplied.
Material: ABS Plastic, Silicone.
Measurements: Just over 7 inches in length tapering down to 3 inch circumference at bottom of handle.
Colour: White with Bronze detail.
Power: 2 AAA Batteries (not supplied).
Waterproof: Yes.
Lubricant recommendation: Water based.
Noise level: Loud until pressure is applied to the mouth, or the mouth is placed in position. Then quite quiet, even at the highest level.
After-care: Should be cleaned with damp cloth, or one of the specialist sex-toy cleaners and dried with a soft, lint-free cloth.
Supplier Product Link: The Satisfyer 2
Additional Supplier Links:

Additional links: Satisfyer at Twitter

The Satisfyer Pro Penguin, Satisfyer Pro 2 and the Satisfyer 2 were sent to me, free-of-charge,  for an honest and un-biased review.

The Modesty Rider:
I realise, of course, that there are already thousands of long-established Sex Toy Reviewers and Review sites . . . most of whom will be far more adept at explaining all the technical details and specifications of things. But for me, sexy clothes and lingerie, sexy toys . . . and even sexy books . . . are all about adding a little fun and excitement to things. So that is how I tend to approach my reviews and videos!!! Just to explain “how it was for me” in a fun, and light-hearted, way without taking things too seriously! Chances are that if something makes me giggle and tingle and feel good, it will score higher on my Modesty Rating.

Visit some of my most recent Sex Product and Video Reviews at my Sex Toy Review page >here< or special buy links for specific products >here<.

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