Modesty takes the Fort #scavengerhunt


Forts . . . I’ve always been fascinated by them. And not just because they make me think of lots of men in uniform parading back and forth.


And not just because of the 7-inch loaders and those long barrels and muzzles!!!


It’s possibly something to do with them always being so strong and solid . . .


Built to last and built to withstand invasion and . . . naked . . . aggression.


This famous fortification in the Southern Hemisphere was built in the 1880’s to protect against the threat of Russian expansion . . .


and it is such a wonderfully exciting collection of connecting storerooms, barracks and armouries . . .


. . . and, of course, gun turrets and observation posts overlooking the harbour below! Although armed and ready throughout both World Wars, the guns here were never fired in anger, so in the 1950’s these fortifications became a public reserve and a popular exploration and tourist point.

So popular that it was quite difficult to pause between fellow tourists to claim this particular Fort as a Scavenger Hunt because . . . you know me . . . I would never wish to upset any passers by with an unexpected or unwelcome confrontation, especially in such a historical location.

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Come on, it is such funLet’s all Dare to Bare !!!

Scavenger Hunt Platinum Award

Xxx – K


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4 Responses to Modesty takes the Fort #scavengerhunt

  1. Wow – that must count as one of the bravest scavenges even for you! And surrounded by all those 7″ loaders (those guys in the Southern Hemisphere always like to brag :))

  2. Damn, but this is a great location! I’ve done a bunker (North Head) but not a fort. Impressed at how very naked you got for this 🙂

    xx Dee

  3. I absolutely love the photo where you have the scarf around your neck!

    Great scavenger hunt 🙂

    Rebel xox

  4. Dale Ealey

    Very beautiful! YUM!

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