The Diamond Dream from “A Touch of Glass” reviewed by Modesty Ablaze

ModestysDiamondDreamOver the years I’ve collected all sorts of sex toys and vibrators and dildos . . . of all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours!

But I’ve never had a Glass Dildo before . . . at least not until The Diamond Dream arrived in the post two weeks ago. It was sent to me by “A Touch of Glass” . . . at

It arrived, discretely packaged as you would expect of course, in a strong cardboard box with ample internal protective foam-chip packing and encased in bubble-wrap.

DiamondDream5 I expectantly unravelled the wrapping to find a lovely velvety pouch holding the dildo itself. As soon as I slid it out . . . and peeled off the protective vacuum-plastic covering it was wrapped in, it just looked and felt wonderful to hold. Stylish and classy, firm and strong!

The Glass Dildo shop have 16 different dildos available for ordering from their on-line shop. All of different shapes and sizes. The Diamond Dream is almost 20cm from the tip to the flat base**, with an insertable length of 17cm.

The diameter of the shaft is just over 3cm and almost 4cm at the tip (or “head” LOL!) and I particularly love the way the shaft curves, which I hope will be apparent in my pictures here (or in my video review below!). The curves, and the lovely little ridges running all the way around the shaft give lots of different possibilities and different sensations of their own when you move the Dream in and out, and over one’s lips . . . or as I particularly like . . . rubbing them over my clit.

Like all of the products from “A Touch of Glass”, The Diamond Dream is hand-crafted from premium quality, medical-grade Borosilicate Glass . . . that’s really, really, high-quality tough and strong glass to you and me. The sort of glass that can withstand extreme stress, temperature changes and lots and lots of use-age . . . over and over again! LOL!!!

The dildos are hand-crafted and baked and cooled at a factory in Germany . . . and you know what they say about German Engineering! Each one is visually checked microscopically with a Polariscope (which sounds rather like a nuclear submarine doesn’t it) . . . but I can tell you that just looking at . . . and feeling and stroking this dildo is so addictive . . . that I’m sure it has been looked at very carefully, and probably lots and lots of times, before it is packaged up and posted off to your mailbox. I know I can’t stop looking at, and stroking it!

And you can simply tell, just by holding and feeling it . . . that the Diamond Dream simply OOZES quality and style . . . and there is absolutely no-way could you ever think of it being one of those mass-produced sort of items that you often suspect is the production process of most of one’s other sex-toys. In fact this feels so good . . . I wouldn’t really call it a “toy” at all !!! It is much too lovely for that !!!

My Diamond Dream arrived with a very informative
3-paged letter introducing the dildo and suggesting half-a-dozen different techniques to try. But the first thing you will want to do after you’ve removed the vacuum-wrapping is to wash it in warm soapy water . . . and, after swooning at the way it felt in my hands as I washed it back and forth, I quickly noticed how the temperature of the glass warmed quite quickly under the water . . . more on that in a moment . . . and that’s the thing you then immediately notice about this glass, even though you might imagine it will feel quite hard, and perhaps quite foreign inside you, but it actually adjusts to one’s body temperature quite quickly and doesn’t feel “alien” at all . . . in FACT it feels rather nice!!!

As I mentioned, the accompanying letter, suggests several different techniques and ways to insert and use the dildo . . . but I’m sure you will be like me and quickly work-out the different sliding and stroking . . . and twisting and turning thrusts that are best for you.

We are all different of course . . . and I even like different positions and different “intensities” depending on my mood at the time . . . so I’m sure you’ll enjoying experimenting for yourself.

If you need a lubricant, being glass I suppose you can potentially use any sort of gel, but the ladies at “A Touch of Glass”, recommend a water-based lube . . . and that’s the one I have been using as well, especially if one is using it anally, as I just think it applies much better to the smoothness of the glass than an oil-based lube would.

DiamondDream3Now . . . remember I mentioned the way the glass adjusts to temperature? Well, one of the things I was dying to try was feeling the glass inside me . . . really, really COLD !

I would NOT suggest putting the dildo in your freezer . . . especially as you wouldn’t want your children to come across it whilst rummaging for a pizza. And, anyway, you don’t want to risk getting “freezer-burn” and having your private bits stuck to the glass. So, what the ladies at The Glass Dildo Shop suggest is to immerse the dildo in a glass of iced water, or an ice-bucket, for a few minutes

Again, we are all different, but when I tried that I just loved the first feeling of the coldness sliding inside me . . . it just takes your breath away . . . a real “ooohhh” moment . . . that I really loved.

And I love the way it feels heavy and, obviously, nice and really firm inside, especially when you contract your Inner Pelvic Floor muscles . . . it gives an exquisite feeling as you slide it out.

One of the things that I have discovered during my play times with the dildo is that it does make you have to work at bringing yourself to orgasm. Sometimes with a vibrating clittoral stimulator, or a wand vibrator, you can get a bit lazy and I find can sometimes “cum” too quickly, and then feel numb and unresponsive afterwards. With the Dream I have to move and manoeuvre . . . twist and turn . . . and “find” my g-spot, slide it out and over my clit, and then push and pull, explore and twist and thrust again, over and over, to reach that lovely explosion.

But in a way, that’s what makes this dildo special for me . . . that and the stylish feel and weight of it in my hand, has always made me feel a bit “special” each time I reach for it.

So if you desire that sort of feeling, or have ever been curious like I was, about trying a glass dildo . . . I can thoroughly recommend you visit A Touch Of Glass . . . for that “touch of class” . . . at their website at . It really is wonderfully stylish website (just like the Diamond Dream!) with lots of information on all their product range as well as lots of useful hints and helpful User Guides. You can also find them on Twitter @EroticGlass.

Modesty Rating: 10 out of 10
Pros: Just so stylish, weighty and firm.  So different to any other toys I’ve tried. No gadgetry or buttons to push and adjust. It makes one “think” and “work” . . . and I love the temperature play!
Cons: I haven’t discovered any yet (but I will keep trying! LOL!!!)
Material: Medical-grade Borosilicate Glass
Phthalate Alert: None
Size: 193 mm long (168mm insertable length)  x 37mm diameter at it’s widest
Ease of Use: Easy . . . and fun!!!
Available Colours: Clear crystal glass
Waterproof: Yes of course!
Lube: Water-Based recommended.
After-care: Wash with warm soapy water, dry and store in it’s accompanying velvet pouch.
Manufacturer Product link: The Diamond Dream
Buy Link: The Glass Dildo Shop.


To watch my Video Review of The Diamond Dream >Click< the screen below!!!

**And, going back to that flat base??? Well I’ve found it very useful for standing it upwards on my chair . . . and sitting down on it . . . gently . . . and then perhaps, not so gently !!!

Xxx – K

The Diamond Dream was sent to me, free-of-charge, by A Touch of Glass for an honest and un-biased review.



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