Past, present & why I blog

I was recently asked what I “get out of blogging” . . . and “what I hope anyone reading me might get from my posts”.

And in a way that ties-in with today’s theme at Wicked Wednesday, of what we’ve learned from our past and how we apply that to our future . . .

Because although I started my Modesty Ablaze Diaries really just on a whim . . . as a bit of a joke, almost a sort-of “I could do that” dare in a way . . . the website quickly became something much more important than a joke or a dare.

Yes, of course at first I was flattered (and very surprised) to suddenly start receiving emails and comments from all over the world. We all have an ego and like being told nice things about ourselves don’t we! But actually hearing from other people about how my diaries and experiences were actually helping people in their own relationships . . . or at least motivating or encouraging them to want to change things or perhaps communicate more with their own partners . . . was wonderfully fulfilling and rewarding in a way I’d never imagined.

It made ME feel good to know that I was, if only in some small way, making other people feel good. Other people whom I would probably never ever meet in normal, everyday, life. Knowing that sharing some of the enjoyment and satisfaction from my own lifestyle could possibly help others experience something similar . . . or at least make it just a little easier to express their own desires, their own needs and wants.

Because sharing in any sense of the word . . . whether it be with our own loved ones, family and friends or with perfect strangers whom we may meet once and never again (or perhaps in today’s internet-world with people we may never meet at all) . . . can be such a wonderful and fulfilling emotion.

Through Modesty Ablaze I have now met, both physically-in-person, and just across the ether, some wonderful and inspiring people within what I suppose would be described as the “erotic community”. People such as Marie here at Wicked Wednesday, Kay Jaybee, Molly at Sinful, Curvaceous Dee, John Tisbury (who took my picture below), the Sh! Girls, MsQuote, Sarah at MLNP, and so, so many others. People who have inspired me, whose company or thoughts and expressions and experiences I enjoy and take motivation and inspiration from.

But I am sure none of them would mind me saying that it is those occasional emails or messages from people whom I have never met, and never will, who tell me that my sharing has helped, or made an impression, on their lives.

For me the most important, fulfilling, satisfying thing about life is making it enjoyable and fun . . . and sharing that with others in the hope that some of that fun and enjoyment may rub-off.

That is what I have learned from my past . . . and that is the most over-riding feeling that I get from my occasional Modesty posts. And, of course, I hope that sense of fun will be what others get from reading my posts or watching my videos.

If I can make people smile, laugh out loud occasionally and feel good about themselves (and hopefully feel good and more understanding of others) then I will feel happy both about my past and for my future.

Read about all the other Past and Future thoughts at this week’s  Wicked Wednesday from the button below!

rainbowcircle1-200Xxx – K

P.s. – With thanks to John Tisbury (see my sidebar) for my photograph above.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more- the blogging and the writing is worth it because of the wonderful feedback I get from people I’ve never even met, and the sense that in a small way I have made their lives a little better xxx

  2. I love this post. Yes, we all start a blog for a reason and we all have an ego and love to get comments, to get in contact with people, whether we get to meet them or not. My confidence have grown since I started my blog and like you – if I can help only one person out there, that makes me happy.

    Lovely post and beautiful picture!

    Rebel xox

  3. You have accomplished so much. I’m sure that there are readers out there that you’ll never know about, whose lives have been changed for the better. I, for one, love your stuff. I can feel the sincerity and emotion in your writing. Your photos always make me think of boldness of spirit and having fun. Keep up the wonderful work.
    And I have the same pair of shoes!!! lol

  4. glad to hear this, stay happy, stay healthy!

  5. She Lover xxxxx

    It’s not just your blog that makes me feel good about myself. It’s also the wonderful fun times we share. Xxxx love you loads hunni xxxx

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