Book Review – “The Retreat” by Kay Jaybee

We’re all familiar with Fairytales . . . whether from distant memories of wonder and enchantment from our own childhood, or attempting to stimulate imagination and excitement in reading to our own children at bedtime.

But never . . . ever . . . could Hans Christian or the Grim Brothers have imagined such tales as those told between the covers of “The Retreat”.

TheRetreatNewRopeRegular readers here will remember that I’ve previously described authoress Kay Jaybee’s first instalment in her trilogy of submission and dominance, “The Perfect Submissive”, as “the most arousing and inspiring” book I’ve ever read. So I’d awaited this second instalment with huge anticipation . . . and expectation.

I’d wondered what the future held for Jess and what fearsome, and exciting, tasks she’d be asked to perform. Surely the imagination of her mistress had already reached the limit of all bounds of reasonable possibility?

But Kay Jaybee is clearly a woman apart . . . and the new scenarios and surroundings of a mysterious castle in the Scottish highlands seems the perfect setting to unleash yet more of her wild and wicked imagination.

My heroine Jess finds herself caught in a whirlwind of new masters and new submissive partners . . . and set a series of new tasks and new challenges at every twist and turn of the castles cold and unwelcoming corridors.

Just as with “The Perfect Submissive” each new chapter of “The Retreat” had me tingling with wonder and excitement (rather than enchantment in this instance) at Ms Jaybee’s extremely vivid imagination.

The tension builds throughout towards Fairtasias climatic finale-ball . . . quite unlike those bedtime stories of times long gone by!!!

Without wishing to divulge too much of the plot and positions required, and enacted here, there are some arousingly descriptive moments which had my pulse racing to the sort of dangerous levels I’ve not experienced since reading . . . and re-reading . . . the pages of “TPS”.

But, more than just simple lust and eroticism, Kay Jaybee’s story has that unusual skill of engaging her characters somehow into ones pysche . . . I wanted to share each new challenge with Jess, worried for her strength of will, worried just how that final chapter would unravel. A Fairytale end to the ball . . . or will the wicked Witchtress prevail???

And that, quite simply, is something that I don’t often find in my other reading, not just in erotica (and you know how much I enjoy reading naughty stories! LOL!!!), but in “normal” books . . . or normal media.

I remember thinking as I shuddered through the final pages of “TPS” that someone, somewhere, somehow should make it into a movie (and that I wanted to be in it! LOL!!!)

“The Retreat” may well be a more difficult movie to make (I still want a part though Kay!!!), but I urge you to read the real words . . . as they were first written . . . before this book, and “TPS”, and the now eagerly awaited final “Knowing Her Place” find their way to Holly(or Pine)Wood.

And, whilst you are at it, and in the mood . . . as I’m confident you surely will find yourself . . . visit Kay Jaybee on-line to marvel at and devour some of the most arousing erotica I think you will ever find!!!

Xxx – K

Modesty Ablaze & The Retreat

P.S. – Just couldn’t resist – Even 12,000 miles from home I found that “The Retreat” was never far from my mind!!!


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  1. Wow! I don’t know what to say! I’m so glad you liked The Retreat. Sequels are really scary to write. I was forever rewriting it on the fear of letting Jess down some how.
    Love the film idea- who do u want to play?
    Great photo! Xxxx

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