The Main Squeeze


Isn’t it wonderful sometimes to just get carried away, lost in the moment, holding on for dear life and wanting to squeeze every last second out of your sensations!!!

And for all those who have asked . . . here is the “Secondary Squeeze” from the same video clip!!!!


See who else is being delightfully Sinful this Sunday by clicking the link below!

Sinful Sunday

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0 Responses to The Main Squeeze

  1. Yes, it absolutely is!! Lovely pic 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. I love the contrast in skin tones. Very delicious pic indeed!

  3. I absolutely love trying to squeeze everything out of my sensations and trying to savor the moments that are there while I can.

    Your image does just that!! Fantastically sexy!!

    xxx Miss July xxx

  4. Wow… this picture is HOT.

  5. Omg this is hot as hell.

  6. This picture is hot as hell.

  7. Beautiful. Explicit and erotic.

  8. Hot, hot, hot! Love the skin tones, love the hands on butt. Just hot!!

    Rebel xox

  9. Love the contrast and intensity. Very hot

  10. Wow, so hot and sexy. I love grabbing my guys ass and pulling him in, squeezing. Perfect. I Love your images xx

  11. This is so sexy….. I love the contrast in the skin tones.


  12. Those hands gripping those cheeks! Oh and more. 😀

  13. Fantastic contrast in skin tones. And so naughty!

  14. Damn, these are hot!!

  15. Oh yes!!! Hot and sexy perfect for Sunday:)

  16. JT

    Looks like he got there first! Lucky guy.

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