Four in a bed and the middle one(s) said . . . ???


Sinful Sunday is all about the image. But there is always a story behind the pictures isn’t there . . . and this is a story that I simply have to share!

Hubby and I have indulged in our swinging lifestyle for quite some time now and have met some interesting and fun people. But in our experience, and from the experience of many other swingers we have spoken to, it is very rare for both partners to be completely attracted to, and completely comfortable with, both of the partners in another couple. We’ve had a number of fun liaisons with other couples, but have been happy for those to have just been one-off meetings.

But last year we were incredibly lucky to meet a couple with whom we both felt instantly attracted to and, more importantly, instantly-at-ease with . . . and we have continued to meet with them regularly in the months since that first connection.

Incredibly, as our relationship developed, the fun just got better and better and led us to become friends . . . as well as lovers.

But could “that sort” of friendship survive a week-long City-Break in a foreign country hours from home? Well, we just got back yesterday, and oh yes, yes and more yes, it certainly did survive!! In fact, it was even more wonderful than any of us could ever have imagined . . . and we even got to do some sight-seeing (well, just a little-bit, LOL !!!).

So, in celebration of such a wonderful (and sinful) week, I just couldn’t resist sharing it here.

Can anyone guess which toes are mine?

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0 Responses to Four in a bed and the middle one(s) said . . . ???

  1. Brilliant fun image!! Love this!

  2. What a fun image 🙂 Are your feet the second pair from the left with the nail polish?

  3. TemptingSweets99

    glad you had a good time. you are on the left. (???)

  4. What a great time to be had with another couple. Happy you found each other for naughty couple fun. Would like to find the same lovely relationship

  5. Great image; I’d say the reddish toes in the middle. 🙂

  6. Scarlett

    Great shot! I hope to find this same kind of experience with others one day. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I think you are the second. (Going left to right.) Such a fun image.

  8. That image, while showing nothing overtly sexual, is hotasallhell. Glad you had fun.

  9. What a great pic! Love the painted toenails next to the masculine feet. Are you the one on the far right?

  10. I love the image and the story behind it is quite hot 🙂

    Rebel xox

  11. lovelustlondon

    Congratulations on finding the perfect friends, what a fantastic relationship to have (the nail colours even match – it was obviously meant to be! )

    O x

  12. Excellent!
    Happy SS!
    (sidenote: LOVE your site)

  13. What a fun, sexy, and playful image! It goes perfectly with your description of the good times you have all had together. Are you the one with the red toes in the middle?

  14. Wow sounds like a great holiday. So fantastic that you can find a couple that you all are attracted to. I can see why that would be quite difficult! xx

  15. I love this post. How amazing to have found another couple to be able to do this with. I really think that is amazing and sounds like you had the best holiday week ever.
    I love the image too, playful, sexy and suggestive.

  16. What a wonderful story (and adorable pic)! So glad that it worked out – a vacation can be a test, all right.

  17. As interested as I am in swinging, I am also very apprehensive. I worry if things will go wrong. But this picture just makes me much more curious and wanton. xxx

  18. Oh, I love this!! glad that worked out so well for you, what fun!

    ~Kazi xxx

  19. What a wonderful story and what a GREAT picture 🙂

  20. Sally

    just back from hols 2 tho nowere exciting as u. brill pic & want more about the story. u r so lucky

  21. Sally

    ps:. r u the middle toes?

  22. Thank you for all the lovely comments . . . and yes “more” about the holiday soon!!!
    Oh, and well done to Chintz Curtain (@ChintzCurtain) YES my toes are the ones on the far right . . . as the only correct answer I feel I should send you a special prize!!!

  23. Sue xxxx

    It was so wonderful …… Mine are the other painted toe nails xxxxxxx

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