Modestly Patterned #Boobday Friday

I do so love different patterns and shapes from time-to-time . . . in fact, you know me, different everything from time-to-time!!!

And as it’s Friday I’m sure you’ll find lots and lots of different shapes today at Hyacinth’s #Boobday Friday, because as Hy says . . .

Boobday is a weekly meme for us to honor breasts of all shapes and sizes belonging to all types of folks.

All of us who are the owners of breasts know their magical powers, but not everyone gets to hear it. I hope this will become a place of support and praise.

I totally, totally agree . . . and I’m sure you will LOVE seeing different boobs this, and every, Friday from clicking Hyacinth’s lovely cleavage below!


Xxx – K


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A Winter Warmer #wickedwednesday

Goodness it’s been unseasonably warm these past few days for this time of year.

So much so that I built-up quite a sweat on my run this morning . . . and just had to stop for a few, modest, moments to cool down.

And though most of the leaves in the park have now fallen, I found this lovely splash of red to cheer me up, before setting off again for the office.

Of course I put my clothes back on silly . . . but I think if you tap on the lovely Marie’s Wicked Wednesday button below, you’ll find lots more
Winter Warmth this Wednesday!


Xxx – K


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Modesty Ablaze “By Morning Light” new video


“By Morning Light”, my newest #realworldsex video at, is from the morning after myForbidden Pleasures fun with Lover No.14. And what could be more exciting than waking up after an exhausting night of wanton pleasures . . . to begin the morning indulging in more threesome twists and turns . . . and more wonderful orgasms . . . for all three of us!

But if the night before had been full of naughty indulgence and giggling deviations . . . our morning passion was much quieter and much more slowly paced . . . well, at least it was to begin with.

Beginning with patient, tender and loving spooning cuddles . . . naughty No.14 slowly started working his fingers and thumbs into all my nooks and crannies . . . and before too long I began to succumb to his lovely probing from behind.

I have to be in the right mood for anal play, but Lover No.14 is an expert in coaxing me and . . . as you will see . . . I eventually succumbed!  And . . . of course . . . No.14 didn’t need much encouragement to turn those probing fingers into something much bigger . . . and thicker.


Watching me being slowly fucked to a lovely orgasm obviously had Hubby straining with excitement as well . . . so after I’d recovered my composure it seemed the only decent thing I could do was to lean forward and give him soothing kisses too . . . I think you can guess exactly where!

And that led to Lover 14 rising to the occasion once again . . . and joining us for a most . . . spectacular . . . climax!

You can view my introduction to “By Morning Light” by clicking the preview screen at the top of this post . . . or from >here< . . . BUT, as I mention at the end of my introduction, if you register (it’s FREE) and watch the intro video directly from my MakeLoveNotPorn profile page there are some short Free Peek clips from the actual video itself at the end of my introduction. AND, no it’s not like all those other video-sites! There are none of those horrid pop-up adverts and unwelcome invitations. is simply about other #realworld people just like you and me, celebrating-in, and sharing their sexuality and love.

I urge you to view, and see for yourself, exactly what I mean).

There are lots more screen shots and Free Peek links to all of my #realworldsex videos, at my Make Love Not Porn page >here<. And much more on just why I love the whole concept of MLNP . . . and all of the other Real World People enjoying their own Real World Sex . . . from my “Why I Love Make Love Not Porn” introductory video (from March 2014) >here<.

“By Morning Light” is my 33rd video released on Make Love Not Porn and you can rent it from my Modesty Ablaze Profile page at MakeLoveNotPorn >here<.

It’s completely FREE to register at MLNP and I’m sure you will enjoy not just my thirty-three #realworldsex videos, but lots of other fun and amazing contributions from the growing MLNP community as well!!!

Make Love Not Porn

P.S. As the title implies, “By Morning Light” means the video was filmed with just the subtle light of the rising sun filtering through the bedroom curtains. So, it is quite muted and shadowy . . . but I think you’ll agree that the passion, and love, of the moments here shine brightly through! Enjoy !!!

Xxx – K

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Modestly Waiting #sinfulsunday

modestyablazeboatramp1“Are you sure you read the departure time correctly?” I asked. “There’s no other cars queued up in front of ours!”

modestyablazeboatramp2“Yes, the guide book says two Car Ferry departures to the island every day,
10 a.m. and 2 p.m.” Hubby replied, as I waited impatiently in the shade.

modestyablazeboatramp3“Well even if we are 15 minutes early, I would have expected to at least see some seamen around!” I said as I walked up to the boat-ramp.

modestyablazeboatramp4“It always comes down to semen with you doesn’t it?”, Hubby exclaimed as he checked his watch.

modestyablazeboatramp5“Not semen!” I shouted back. “I said sea-men . . . sailors . . . you plonk!”

modestyablazeboatramp6“Oh goodness, they’ve just started the engines . . .you don’t think they heard me shouting, do you?” I whispered as I scurried back to the waiting area.

And then minutes later, more cars suddenly arrived behind us, just like clock-work, as I sat . . . innocently of course . . . in my seat in the shade.

You will find lots more Sinful fun this Sunday by lapping at the lips below!

Sinful Sunday

Xxx – K

P.S. We did have a lovely sailing across to the island and I would love to add this memory to the “Boat Ramp” category at Jades Scavenger Hunt pages. And don’t forget, there are lots of my other Scavenger Hunt journeys at
my Scavenger Listings page . . . and now over 90 different locations on
my Scavenger Slideshow page as well!!!   

Scavenger Hunt Platinum Award

Xxxx – K


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Modesty’s Bannister #Boobday Friday


Do you ever think that bannisters can be quite . . . well you know . . . phallic ???

I know I sometimes do . . . well quite often actually!!!

But I shouldn’t be dwelling on “those” sort of shapes this morning . . . after all
it is a Friday. And Friday’s are all about celebrating Hyacinth’s #Boobday Friday, because as Hy says . . .

Boobday is a weekly meme for us to honor breasts of all shapes and sizes belonging to all types of folks.

All of us who are the owners of breasts know their magical powers, but not everyone gets to hear it. I hope this will become a place of support and praise.

I totally, totally agree . . . and I’m sure you will LOVE seeing different boobs this, and every, Friday from clicking Hyacinth’s lovely cleavage below!


Xxx – K


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The Modesty Ablaze Diaries #wickedwednesday

The Modesty Diaries "The Balcony"

I would never claim to be an erotic writer . . . at least not in the sense of my favourite ladies in that genre . . . Kay Jaybee, KD Grace, Fdotleonora etc etc.

But it was publishing some of my scribbled diaries into Ebook format that actually prompted me to start my first pages here at back in January 2012.

I had, of course, intended to keep updating some of the hundreds and hundreds of old diary entries I’d kept over the past 30 years or so, into more editions of the “Modesty Ablaze Diaries” series. But, life just seemed to get busier and busier . . . and even more fun!!! . . . and despite my best-intentions, new editions still remain in my, ever-growing, “to do” folder.

But I do still often receive requests for “more-please” . . . (books I mean silly!!!) . . . so I thought I may, from time-to-time, include little-extracts here . . .

The following is from over a decade ago . . . but reading it again did bring back some lovely tingles.

Half-Term Break . . . with S

It’s been half-term school holidays here and S called on Tuesday morning to say his wife and children would be away for two nights. He asked if I’d like to “pop-down for pasta and wine”. I replied that I’d love to visit him the next evening. I agreed with James that I’d go straight to S’s from the office rather than have to come home first . . .

I’d texted S that I was on my way shortly after six and he asked me to text him again when I got to the Station and he’d pick me up, but I told him I’d feel more comfortable just getting the bus to our home stop as usual and then just walking round the corner.

He met me at the door dressed in just his robe, explaining he’d just showered and would run me a bath if I wished. I said I’d love just being able to soak after a horrible day at work, without having to worry about walking round my own kitchen picking up dirty mugs and plates and glasses left out by the kids and then having to prepare an evening meal. I followed him upstairs to the bathroom and sat on the edge of the bath and chatted for a few minutes whilst he started the water and bath oil. As he left me to return to the kitchen for the wine, I undressed and slid in with the taps still running.

We chatted more on his return and I just enjoyed lying back, sipping wine, as we exchanged our news since we’d last seen each other two weeks ago. I lounged for 20 minutes or so before telling him I was ready to get out, and he found me some clean towels. One to dry, one to wrap.

S had laid out the table with candles, bread and dips . . . and of course, more wine! He’s cooked for us before, but it’s always nice to be waited-on, and spoilt, and just being able to sit down at the table just as though we were at a restaurant (except of course for our attire).

I’d wrapped myself quite tightly in the towel and pushed the corner of it down in the front of my breasts to hold it in place. I could see him keep glancing at them as the towelling worked a little lower as we ate and talked. “It’s not going to fall-off you know”, I giggled at him. “Couldn’t I unwrap it then?” he asked, “I’ve always wanted to eat in a topless restaurant”. I laughed and said “Go on then”. He reached over and pulled it loose. The towel unwrapped and fell away as I continued with my pasta, pretending to be nonchalant as though nothing had happened. I just jiggled a little as I lifted the fork up to my mouth and, suggestively, guided the pasta inside. I was trying not to giggle as he gasped out “Fantastic, your tits are always fantastic. I think about them all the time”.

We continued with our meal . . . and although I was momentarily enjoying myself, exaggerating my movements reaching across for bread, or sipping on my wine . . . and could feel that my nipples were quite hard and loving the way he was looking at them . . . we were soon chatting again quite normally.

Once we’d finished, S got up to top-up our glasses and then said that he had some DVDs that we could watch in the living-room. He offered his hand and I just stood up . . . letting the towel fall away from me and walked with him naked to the sofa. I sat back as he said that he’d finally worked-up the courage to order some movies after our session in “your front room last summer”.

As he walked back towards the sofa with the remote controls, I stretched my legs out and told him he wasn’t sitting down next to me until he’d taken off his robe and “dared to bare”. He laughed and pulled it off and I curled back my legs so that he could sit down next to me.

We sipped at our wine and cuddled into one another as he explained the lengths he’d had to go to to hide the DVDs away from the rest of the family. He went quiet for awhile as we watched, but as I know how much James enjoys me commenting on things when we are watching them at home, I started making the sort of remarks I would as if I had been with Hubby. And, as I do actually find them quite arousing, it wasn’t hard for me to start saying “lovely body”, or “do you like her boobies” or “oh god, I could never take that!”. I started gently stroking him whilst we watched. Just barely touching him at first, just brushing my fingers across him, then a little more deliberately along the top of his willy. Then as I felt him growing harder, I slid my fingers around him completely. He shifted a little and turned to squeeze me and kiss me. I returned his kisses for a few moments, sliding my hand up and down on him now, before pushing him back and telling him “you watch the movie for a little while longer”.

I then dropped down onto the floor, kneeling in front of him, still stroking his erection and leaning forward to flick my tongue across the head of his cock. I had my back to the screen, but could hear the groans and moans from the movie, and hear his own gasps as I started sliding my mouth up and down on him. As I pumped slowly up and down with my mouth, I reached my hands out, pushing them up onto his chest and pushing him back upright against the back of the sofa. I was sucking up and down faster now, trying to match the rhythm of the noises I could hear coming from behind me. He was responding by meeting my mouth going down, by thrusting himself upwards and I could hear him getting louder. I heard him calling out, so pulled my mouth away, grabbing him with one hand and muzzling my nose and lips into his balls as I heard him coming with a loud gasp and felt him spurting out as he thrust back and forth in short spasms. I felt him splashing onto my back and shoulders and several drops on my hair. He was now whispering his groans rather the loud gasps as he’d come. I was still holding his cock and kissed his balls, telling him “I love that”. He gasped louder and pulled me back up onto the sofa . . .

“Half Term Break” actually does continue, along with lots of other entries from around the same period, in my “Part 1 – The Journey” series available from My E-books page . . . and I promise, I will still try and add more editions when I can . . . or perhaps add more extracts here.

But, in the meantime, I am sure you will find lots more interesting journeys and adventures from pushing gently on Marie’s Wicked Wednesday button below!


Xxx – K


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Modest Rainforest #sinfulsunday


Modesty Ablaze Rainforest – 2016

We were caught in a torrential downpour during our Sunday stroll this morning. But there’s something quite comforting about hearing the sound of the rain beating on the leaves of the forest canopy overhead . . . and feeling
the droplets on ones bare skin.

It reminded me of a similar stroll, below, in the rainforest in 1982 . . . from
our #polaroidspast albums.


Modesty Ablaze Rainforest – 1982

For more Sinful fun this Sunday kiss the lips below!

Sinful Sunday

Modesty Ablaze in Polaroids Past
Be Proud of Who You Were . . . and Be Proud of Who
You Have Become!

Xxx – K

Xxx – K


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A Modest Necklace #Boobday Friday


I do love choosing which beads to wear of a morning before I leave for the office
. . . and often I wish I could leave wearing . . . nothing else!!!

A big morning thank you to the lovely John Tisbury for taking this photo of me in my favourite necklace for this week at  Hyacinth’s #Boobday Friday, because as Hy says . . .

Boobday is a weekly meme for us to honor breasts of all shapes and sizes belonging to all types of folks.

All of us who are the owners of breasts know their magical powers, but not everyone gets to hear it. I hope this will become a place of support and praise.

I totally, totally agree . . . and I’m sure you will LOVE seeing different boobs this, and every, Friday from clicking Hyacinth’s lovely cleavage below!


Xxx – K


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Modesty Ablaze reviews the “Farringdon Titanium Dildo” @crownedjewels


Sometimes you can “sense” quality can’t you? Even if you are just browsing on-line and haven’t previously heard of the company, or item, in question.

It may be something as simple as the company name that first attracts your attention . . . or perhaps their branding or design “look” of the website.  Possibly the item description, or more likely the images, entice and intrigue you further. And from the moment you decide to click on that “select” button, you are waiting in eager anticipation for the package to arrive . . . only to find on receipt, that the item you were so excitedly waiting for, simply fails to live-up to the expectation you’d imagined.

Well I can happily report that that was absolutely NOT the case when my Crowned Jewels Farringdon Titanium Dildo recently arrived in my post, because . . . everything . . . about this amazing, luxury handcrafted dildo, just oozes quality, style and substance.

And over the past few weeks it has become my favourite new toy, lovingly nestled beneath my pillow case and frequently caressed and . . . well . . .  I’d better get back to that moment when the parcel first arrived in my post, otherwise I’ll get too carried away again and just won’t get this post finished!!!

So . . . The Farringdon arrived in a really strong postal tube, like the sort of thing you’d expect a picture poster to arrive in, only much stronger and more substantial, thick cardboard and with those strong white plastic caps. I’d imagined the dildo itself would probably just be packaged in a thin box, or bubble-wrap wrapping inside as I un-picked the tape from the top plastic cap and opened the tube. But I was surprised, and excited to discover a wonderfully stylish black cylindrical tube inside.


And, even more stylish and impressive, was the fact that this completely black tube had it’s own cap secured in place with a strong black ribbon running down and around the complete depth of the cylinder and sealed in place at the top with a red wax seal. You know, just like those wonderful seals you’ve seen on TV of those historical-charters and royal decrees. And, of course, to complete the look the seal was impregnated with the Crowned Jewels logo in the wax itself. It made me feel quite special, and privileged in a way, to be peeling open the seal and peeking inside.


Black tissue paper firmly filled the inside of the tube as I pulled out the layers to reveal a lovely black fabric bag with the Crowned Jewels logo printed, stylishly of course, in silver on one side.


And the instant I undid the drawstring of the pouch, and slid the Farringdon out into the palm of my hand, I knew that my “sense” of  quality was not going to be disappointed.  Just the feel, and weight, of the dildo in my hand was lovely to behold . . . and even more stylish and exciting to look at, than the pictures I had seen on the Crowned Jewels website.

I had chosen the “natural grey” colour for my Farringdon . . . more on colours, and choice, a little later . . . but the dildo was actually much more shiny, almost a silvery-chrome looking, than one might expect from the “natural grey” description. And the feel? Oh . . . just heavenly.


It is just over 7½ inches long and slighty curved along it’s length. As you can see from my photos, one end has a larger single, almost egg-shaped bulb, the circumference of which is about 3¾ inches around its widest point. It then tapers down to a narrower shaft for the next half of the dildos overall length, before widening again for the first of four more bulbs, each graduating down in size from the larger one in the middle of around 1¼ inches in diameter, to the smallest at the end, of around ¾ inch in diameter. I was excited by the shapes and feel of these as I rolled and squeezed the dildo in my hand . . . so shiny and smooth against my skin . . . but it was the weight of the dildo that I found most exciting!

The Farringdon is made of body safe, Medical Grade Titanium . . . (completely free of Nickel, Cadmium and Lead) . . . and, as such, is actually lighter than steel (half the weight apparently). But it feels delightfully weighty and substantial, both in ones hand, and also internally!

Now I am of an age where I almost always need some lubricating help nowadays for all of my other, insertable, toys. Even for my favourite “smoothest” silicone or glass dildos I have to begin by applying a coating of lube. But, as I slid that longer stem up and down between my lips and then over my clit for the first time, I immediately began to tingle and swoon. On that first touch, just freshly removed from it’s pouch, the Farringdon felt cold and instantly arousing as it slid against me. And it just seemed to effortlessly glide . . . and slide . . . inside me at the very first moment of asking. I wondered afterwards whether it was just my initial excitement and anticipation, or that first cold sensation of the titanium against me, that had made it such an immediate and easy entry. But actually, for vaginal insertion at least, I have never needed any additional help each time I have used this lovely dildo over the past two weeks. Of course, this may not be the same for everyone, but the joy of such a smooth, highly polished material, is that you can use any of your favourite water-based, oil, or silicone lubricants, should you feel the need. But honestly the shaft and bulbs of the Farringdon are so wonderfully smooth that there is none of the “drag” or texture that I would feel with even the smoothest of my glass dildos.

And that weighty-feel is most certainly not only when you hold it in your hand . . . but internally as well . . . it really does feel heavenly with the larger single bulb stimulating me in just the right spot, especially when I tense and “grip” myself against it . . . or when lying down flat on my tummy. Ooohh!!!

The other, beaded half of the Farringdon, gives some lovely feelings as well. I love laying back and having the stem slowly stroked in-and-out, slowly building up the speed and tempo, and feeling those bulbs pulling and rubbing and fucking against me. I usually, though not always, need clittoral stimulation to bring me to complete orgasm and using the Farringdon in this way with a vibrating wand, or hubby attending to my clit, has given some shuddering, ecstatic, moments since first breaking the Crowned Jewels red-wax seal.

And as well it’s super-smoothness, the other delightful thing I love about my Farringdon is that the titanium is just wonderful for “temperature play”. It feels naturally cold against ones skin anyway at first, but quite quickly adjusts and warms to my body temperature after a few moments. But I’ve found that fun “cold chill” can be prolonged . . . or enhanced if you like . . . by holding it under running cold water for a few minutes.  I’m not advocating, by the way, putting the Farringdon in the freezer, or even the fridge, as that might well be dangerous and getting “freezer-burns” on one’s delicate bits would not be sensible at all.
But if, like me, you do enjoy an occasional cold “tingle” against your lips, (or you may prefer warm-water instead!) then this titanium dildo is the ideal toy to play with.


Now, as I’ve mentioned, I enjoy both ends of this dildo for vaginal play . . . but as you will see from looking again at my pictures, The Farringdon Titanium Dildo is also perfectly shaped for anal insertion.

I have to be in the right frame of mind, to enjoy anal play . . . but I can tell you that on the occasions I have tried (and yes, with a thin coating of lubricant for this style of entry!) those graduating bulbs have given wonderfully intense stimulation and pleasure (again combined, with that necessary attention for me to my front bits, with my wand and helping fingers!!!)

I should point-out that as the Farringdon is so slippery smooth and seems to glide so quickly and easily inside . . . and that it does not have a wide base or stopper . . . so you must ensure that you only allow one half of the length (so 4 inches) as the maximum insertable length. But as the joy of this dildo is the sliding in-and-out, from whatever point of entry, it is quite easy for you . . . or your partner . . . to remember to keep a firm hold on one end!!!

And I will certainly be keeping a firm hold on my Farringdon . . . and often!!!

The Farringdon, like all of the Crowned Jewels range of luxury dildos, anal plugs, cock rings, probes, kegel eggs, pleasure balls and more, is handcrafted in the United Kingdom. Handcrafted to the extent that they actually offer a bespoke design service which means you can have a personal message engraved on your toy, or perhaps gemstones added to make your item even more special and luxurious.

Of course luxury and quality has a value, and whilst you will certainly find cheaper alternatives online, The Farringdon Titanium Dildo is the highest quality item of its type that I have ever experienced, and I would urge you to make Crowned Jewels the very next place you “click to“.

The Farringdon Titanium Dildo:
Modesty Rating:
 10 out of 10
Pros: Gorgeous to look at, gorgeous to hold . . . and gorgeous to use, whichever end you choose!
Cons: I honestly can’t think of any.
Material: Body safe, hypoallergenic, nickel-free, Medical Grade Titanium.
Measurements: Overall Length 7½ inches. Diameter of the larger single bulb 1¼ inches (circumferene 3¾ inches), Slim middle shaft of 3¾ inches, then four more bulbs/beads graduating in size from 1¼ inches diameter down to the smallest at the end of just under ¾ inch.
275 grams
Colour: Choose from Natural Grey (but I’d say it’s almost chrome), Blue, Bronze, Gold, Magenta, Purple.
Bespoke extras: Personal love notes can be engraved on your dildo, or you can even have gemstones added as well!!!
Lube: Minimal lubicrant required (due to that lovely highly polished, easy-slide, surface). But can be used with any type of lubricant of your choice.
Waterproof: Oh yes!!!
After-care: Obviously always wash thoroughly after use with mild soapy water or toy cleaner and dry with a soft lint-free cloth. Do not use an abrasive cleaner or you may spoil that lovely sheen!!!
Supplier Product Link: The Farringdon Titanium Dildo
Supplier Main: Crowned Jewels Luxury Handcrafted
The Modesty Video Review:
To possibly follow if you are interested!

Additional links: KinkyWishFairy at Twitter ; at Instagram . . . and I also do recommend you browse the Crowned Jewels blog pages for Helpful Tips, Product updates, and Special Offers!!!

The Farringdon Titanium Dildo was sent to me, free-of-charge,  for an honest and un-biased review.

The Modesty Rider:
I realise, of course, that there are already thousands of long-established Sex Toy Reviewers and Review sites . . . most of whom will be far more adept at explaining all the technical details and specifications of things. But for me, sexy clothes and lingerie, sexy toys . . . and even sexy books . . . are all about adding a little fun and excitement to things. So that is how I tend to approach my reviews and videos!!! Just to explain “how it was for me” in a fun, and light-hearted, way without taking things too seriously! Chances are that if something makes me giggle and tingle and feel good, it will score higher on my Modesty Rating.

Visit some of my most recent Sex Product and Video Reviews at my Sex Toy Review page >here< or special buy links for specific products >here<.


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A Modest Intent #sinfulsunday


“I always have only the best intentions . . . for both of us!!!”

“Yes Mistress” he answered, kneeling in front of me.

For more Sinful intent this Sunday kneel and kiss the lips below!

Sinful Sunday

Xxx – K


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