Aftermath #sinfulsunday

Modesty Ablaze Aftermath at Sinful Sunday

Aftermath [af-ter-math, ahf-] = “something that results, or follows, from an event, especially one of a tumultuous nature . . .”

[too-muhl-choo-uh s, tyoo-] = “full of tumult or riotousness; marked by disturbance and uproar; raising a great clatter and commotion; disorderly or noisy; highly agitated, as in the mind or emotions; distraught; turbulent.”

Or, in my case . . . quite simply . . . fucked!!! 

Oh, that doesn’t begin with A !!!

But I’m sure you will be Agog, Astounded, Amazed, Awestruck . . . possibly even Aghast at all the interpretations of this week’s theme at Sinful Sunday. Because, if you haven’t already guessed,
it’s all to do with the letter A.

Just Attach yourself to the lips below for Affirmation!

Sinful SundayXxxx – K


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Modesty Ablaze reviews the “Flexi Plug Suction Cup Anal Toy”


There is no doubting that sexuality and relationship-topics have certainly moved further and further into our “mainstream” way of life over the past few years . . . which is, of course, a wonderful thing!!! And as sexual awareness and our right as women to express our feelings and desires has (rightly) become more acceptable and more openly discussed, I find that one of the first subjects that usually comes up in conversation is about one’s collection of . . . “sextoys”.

And gone too are the days when “sextoys” meant . . . almost exclusively . . . a “vibrator”. Nowadays, we can all openly talk about such a wide variety of different toys, for different uses . . . and for different areas all over our bodies. But, it seems to me that most recently, the “sextoy” focus has moved from the front to . . . well, to round to the back, as it were . . . so much so that almost all of the toys I have been offered for reviews of late, have all been designed for one’s bottom.

ModestyAblazeFlexi3Which brings me to the latest parcel to arrive in my box . . . my mail box silly!!! . . . the “Flexi Plug Suction Cup Anal Toy”.

Now, I have to tell you that my bottom is not my preferred point of entry. In fact I do have to be in a certain mood, a certain frame of mind, and in a nice calming and relaxed environment before I feel relaxed enough to fully indulge.

And it  has taken me several weeks, and several occasions of opening, feeling, looking at . . . and then putting it back in the box . . . before I finally found the appropriate occasion to progress further.

So . . . if you are still with me . . . the “Flexi Plug Suction Cup Anal Toy”.

ModestyAblazeFlexi4The packaging itself is lovely. A 4″ wide, 7.25″ tall and 3″ deep, glossly and strong cardboard box with one of those hanging slots extending from the top of the back of the box so that the item can be hung up easily on the presentation racks in your local store. But curiously (perhaps to protect the more modest amongst us as we browse the aisles) the conically shaped clear plastic window which “displays” the toy itself is on the “rear” of the box. I suppose that could be considered as appropriate really . . . LOL!!! . . . but it does mean that if you were actually browsing the aisles of your favourite Toy Shop, you would have to physically slide the box off the rack and turn it around to view the Plug itself. I’m sure the box has been designed that way on purpose . . . and anyway, you can see my photos here to see what you would see once you’ve turned the box around. And, of course, it’s what’s inside that counts isn’t it!

For me it’s often first impressions that shape my acceptance, or interest, in new things . . . the way they look, the way they feel. And on sliding the inner clear-plastic box out from it’s outer packaging I must confess I did feel a little disappointed. Not so much at the colour (it’s, thankfully, a  much darker shade of blue than the photo on it’s link-page on the Amazon web-site which is a ghastly neon-blue) but more with the way it felt as I lifted it out of it’s plastic cradle. The actual product description is “FLEXIBLE SOFT JELLY, body-safe and latex-free”, but it felt a little sticky and plasticky to me. I suppose that’s just because I personally prefer the feel of my silicon toys . . . but I quickly reminded myself that I would be applying a condom, and lots of lube anyway, so . . .

The Plug itself is certainly flexible, bendy and pliable, and soft-ish yet reasonably firm in it’s erection. It tapers smoothly down for 1.5″ from it’s tip (approx 1/4″ in diameter at the top) to approx 3/4″ diameter before it reaches the first of it’s two beads where it swells to approx 1″ diameter before tapering in ever-so-slightly and then swelling to it’s second bead of 1.25″ diameter. This larger bead is about the same measurement (1.25″) in depth before tapering in again slightly to it’s short stem of 3/4″ diameter which joins it to the suction-cup base. This base has a diameter of 2.25″ and is actually wonderfully strong in the way it grips almost any flat surface you gently push it onto. It easily sucks itself and sticks to my wooden desk, wardrobe door, glass-topped dressing table . . . and the tiles of my shower (more in a minute!).

As I continued to bend and wobble the plug, and walk around sticking it to every flat surface I could, I began to warm to my Flexi Plug . . . and to it’s play possibilities.

The overall, insertable length, is 4″ so quite modest compared to some of the plugs I’ve been sent in the past . . . so for that reason I could certainly recommend it if you are just beginning to explore anal playtime.

So, how about that playtime?

ModestyAblazeFlexi5Well, although I was so immediately taken with the idea of the suction-cup application, I found that in practice it actually wasn’t the easiest of toys for me to indulge in solo play. I was quite excited to rush into the bathroom and push it onto the tiled wall of my shower. But trying to reverse onto it was difficult to manage, the actual “flexibility” of the plug seemed to work against me and made positioning, placing and inserting . . . well, just awkward. And as the running water, and rising steam (I do, of course, like it “hot”) combined with my giggles of frustration and poor balance, I had to give up on my fantasy of “a good shower plugging!”. And even more giggles followed in trying to pull it off the tiles . . . it wanted to move up and down and slide from side to side, but didn’t want to come off. So plus points for Strong Suction!!!

However, although solo-shower-play was a failure, I am happy to report that dual-play with Hubby was much more successful!!!

That gentle-taper . . . and comfortable length . . . has since provided us (both, if you know what I mean), with some enjoyable stimulating playtime fun. The suction-cup doesn’t stick so easily to the palm of one’s hand, but we found that pushing the plug in gently and slowly by hand is much nicer as the flexible bendiness is easier to control. And that wide tapered base keeps it safely in place, with no danger of it going further than it should!

So after my initial disappointments, my Flexi Plug has actually turned out to be quite fun . . . and I’m sure I will be reaching for it again, perhaps I may even try my shower-fantasy again as well!

The Flexi Plug is manufactured by Pink B.O.B, a company from New Hampshire in America. I’ve not heard of them before, and from their website they seem to have a reasonably small product range, but they do mention on the “About Us” pages that “Women play a large role” in their company, so that is always nice to hear! The Flexi-Plug didn’t include any specific product information, but did come with a small mini-leaflet noting “5 Steps to Have The Best Orgasm Ever” and “5 Kinkiest Sex Positions”, though curiously none of them seem to feature, or require, the Flexi Plug!


I don’t know anything about costings, or product availability for customers from the UK, but if you are one of my readers from the USA then I am sure they would love to hear from you and answer any questions about their products, materials and manufacturing process. And of course there is a direct buy-link from Amazon in my summary panel below:

Modesty Rating: 5 out of 10
Pros: Strong suction-cup base and flexible soft but firm beaded stem.
Cons: I’m not a great fan of the “Jelly” material which looks and feels a little sticky and plasticky.
Material: See Cons.
Measurements: Overall Insertable Length 4 inches; Diameter 1.25 inches at it’s widest stem point, 2.25 inches Diameter for the Suction-Cup Base.
Noise: Silent, except for the gasps during insertion!!!
Colour: Dark Blue (thankfully not the neon blue of the Amazon page picture).
Lubrication: No specific instructions, but I used water-based (lots of it !!!)
Does not include: Latex-free and “body-safe”.
Batteries: Not required.
Waterproof: Yes.
After-care: No specific instructions, but I would certainly wash with hot soapy water after use.
Supplier Product Link: Flexi Plug Suction Cup Anal Toy
Additional Links: Pink B.O.B

The Flexi Plug Suction Cup Anal Toy was sent to me, free-of-charge,  for an honest and un-biased review.

The Modesty Rider:
I realise, of course, that there are already thousands of long-established Sex Toy Reviewers and Review sites . . . most of whom will be far more adept at explaining all the technical details and specifications of things. But for me, sexy clothes and lingerie, sexy toys . . . and even sexy books . . . are all about adding a little fun and excitement to things. So that is how I tend to approach my reviews and videos!!! Just to explain “how it was for me” in a fun, and light-hearted, way without taking things too seriously! Chances are that if something makes me giggle and tingle and feel good, it will score higher on my Modesty Rating.

Visit some of my most recent Sex Product and Video Reviews at my Sex Toy Review page >here< or special buy links for specific products >here<.


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Lifeboat Support #wickedwednesday


Whenever I am away on holiday I always try to get a little involved in local life. On my previous visit I was happy to volunteer for a short stint of Beach Lifeguard Duty . . . and on our return this past summer the local Beach Bar owner mentioned they were looking for extra members for their Lifeboat Crew.


So, of course, I felt duty bound to offer my support.


Most of the visitors seemed to be enjoying the beach too much to show much interest . . . oh wait, here comes someone now!


No, he was too busy on his phone to stop and chat . . . and just strolled on by!


Perhaps I’ll just have to offer my help for some Poster Advertising . . . or possibly a Lifeboat Calendar Fundraiser for next summer!!!

Adverts & Advertising is this week’s theme at Wicked Wednesday . . .
so I thought it just the place to start my Campaign!
And I’m sure if you tap on the Button below there will be lots more interesting advertising campaigns to learn about.


And, of course, I thought I could add my “Lifeboat Poster” to my Scavenger Hunt Collection . . . and my Scavenger Slideshow Portfolio >here<!!!

Why not join in yourself? . . . Come on, let’s all dare to bare !!!

Scavenger Hunt Platinum Award

Xxx – K


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The Modesty Ablaze Valentine’s Day Bulletin No.2

Last week I mentioned in my Fantasy Bulletin No.1, that I would keep on at you about Valentine’s Day! So this is Bulletin No.2 to remind you to take advantage of a wonderful opportunity to give a little love to that person (or persons!) that have a special place in your life . . . or perhaps the person(s) you would like to have a special place in your life.

It’s the perfect time to be able to use a little imagination and perhaps suggest something different, or “spicy” for your relationship, that you might ordinarily feel a little awkward or shy about.

After all, Valentine’s is normally considered by most people to be fun and frivolous . . . extravagant and silly . . . racy and sexy! Just the ideal excuse to say “well it is Valentine’s, it is just a bit of fun!” even if that red latex cat-suit, or those fur-lined bondage handcuffs . . . or red riding crop . . . is something you’ve actually always wanted to try!!!

And just to help guide you in the right direction . . . and encourage you to be just a little Valentine’s-outrageous and fun-naughty . . . I highly recommend that you browse my favourite first-stop-shops for all things fun, fetish and sexy, below.

So in no particular order, something for the weekend sir or madam?


From Belle De Soir . . . a wonderful selection of both sexy silky lingerie and super sexy toys at some of the most reasonable prices I think you’ll find all across the world-wide web.

I just love their Gracya range of Corsets, Thongs and Suspender Belts

Or to set your evening really throbbing, why not try my favourite Doxy Wand Massager or, if you’re feeling even more adventurous the new Doxy Skittle!!!

And, if you use the Val5off Discount Code before February 15th, you’ll be able to claim a 5% reduction on most of the lovely items throughout their shop.


Or . . . if latex and lace, or pvc and pleasure is more what you have in mind . . . then Honour Clothing is a must visit on your Valentinian travels!

Because they have some of the most lovely creations that I have ever slid myself into.

Including the Glamour Corselette which you may have seen on these very pages before, or how about the simply fabulous Chimera Basque which always brings me lots and lots of compliments whenever I wear it out and about.

I have a wardrobe full of Honour, from basques to boots and bras to blindfolds . . . and everything feels so stylish and so, so sexily naughty!!!


And speaking of naughty . . . then if you really, really want to try something really, really naughty and really, really kinky . . . then you must stop by Uberkinky.

Because as they say . . . for them “It’s Not a Fetish, it’s a Way of Life” and trust me they really mean it!!!

If you’ve visited me here often . . . or perhaps visited me in person LOL!!! . . . then you will have seen lots and lots of Uberkinky items.

So if this Valentine’s you’d like to add some real kink to your relationship, from Bondage Wear to Bondage Gear, from Collars to Cock Rings, from Vibrators for her to Vibrators for him, from Front to Rear . . . Uberkinky is truly out there!!!

Or, if I’ve left you feeling that all of the above is perhaps just little extreme . . . and you would prefer something a little more mainstream . . . may I suggest the largest online shop of all.

love-2433-300x225Because at Lovehoney you simply can’t go wrong . . . there is something within for everyone. And, I have to say, that whilst they may not seem as “specialised”, or “bespoke” to the naked eye as the shops I’ve mentioned above, in terms of service and delivery, they are second to none.

As I’m sure you will discover as you begin browsing their aisles, their product range just goes on for miles and miles.

There is something for every taste and every desire . . . with lots of little helpful reviews and extensive product details for every item that sparks your interest.

And, speaking of sparks, if you can’t start making some sparks of your own from the options above, I shall be very disappointed!

I’m expecting you to report back!!!

But in the meantime . . . until Bulletin No.3 . . . bye, bye for now!!!

Xxx – K



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Out Modestly Counting #sinfulsunday

I’m a little bit late posting for Sinful Sunday today . . . because I’ve been out and about in my local park, counting.


Yes, you heard me correctly, counting. Along with half-a-million other people across the UK, I’ve been out counting!

No silly, there weren’t half-a-million people in my local park . . . but I did see quite a few, just like me, with pen and clipboard in hand. Mind you, most of them seemed to be dressed in khaki jackets and wellington boots . . . but it seemed quite mild, so I was happy feeling at one with nature, as I often do.

Anyway, the RSPB here in the UK, was asking people to take part in a survey to report sightings of all the different birds in their gardens and local parks for the world’s largest wildlife survey this weekend.

So, of course, I tried to completely grasp the situation and do my bit as well.


Particularly as I know there are often lots and lots of Blue Tits to be seen in our garden and park.


I hope I didn’t distract you too much from your own counting, if you were one of the other strollers that passed me by in my local park this morning.

You can see  how lots of other Sinful people have been spending their weekend by grasping the lips below!

Sinful SundayXxxx – K


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The Modesty Ablaze Valentine’s Day Bulletin No.1

Valentine’s Day . . . you all know it’s coming soon don’t you . . . don’t you? . . . Well, just in case you might forget, I’ll be reminding you over the next week or so. Starting gently, from today and then slowly building to a crescendo . . . and you know just how much I REALLY LOVE slowly building to a crescendo!!!


So, to help start things off, the lovely people at The Fantasy Box, who I reviewed >here< before Christmas, have just launched a series of Special Edition Boxes just in time for Valentine’s day!

You can see them all on their site at

ModestyAblazeFantasyBoxMisdirectThere are four different Special Edition Fantasy Boxes to choose from . . . I’d like to try them all of course, but I’m especially intrigued by the sound of the ‘Valentine’s Day Mis-Direction – it’s Payback time’ box . . . after all, I do often enjoy some naughty and fun payback time!!!

But whichever option you choose . . . and why not choose ALL FOUR, one for every other night of the whole Valentine’s week (with an evening’s rest and recuperation in between!) . . . oohh where was I before I got all excited? Oh yes, they tell me you must be quick because you need to order this weekend (by the 31st) to be sure of getting your box(es) in time.

And they’ve even given us a special code to use to get 10% off

Order now to ensure it arrives in time, and get 10% of with the code 

Oh, and look, one of the other boxes is for a Valentine’s Day Red Party! Perhaps if you are good, and do as I ask, I might just invite you all to a Red Party of my very own soon.


So . . . clickity quick . . . don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to gift your loved one a special, sexprising, Valentine’s Treat. You’re bound to make a big impression!!!

You may get a little hint of what you will find when you open your choice of Fantasy Box, from my Video Review of the Fantasy Box concept at the beginning of December by clicking the screen below.


Now off you go . . . get clicking on that 10% OFF Voucher Code . . . and keep yourself up-to-date with all the new “Fantasy Boxes” on their website . . . and although I don’t do FB (well I do, but not this sort of FB) . . . I believe they also have an FB page at:

Bye for now . . . I expect you all to be reporting back though!!!
Xxx – K

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A Modest Basque #Boobday Friday


I’ve had several requests during the past week for more photos of my Sinful Sunday Basque . . . so I thought that perhaps I should share it here at Hyacinth’s #Boobday Friday page as well . . .  where:

Boobday is a weekly meme for us to honor breasts of all shapes and sizes belonging to all types of folks.

All of us who are the owners of breasts know their magical powers, but not everyone gets to hear it. I hope this will become a place of support and praise.

I totally, totally agree . . . and I’m sure you will LOVE seeing different boobs this, and every, Friday from clicking Hyacinth’s lovely cleavage below!


Xxx – K


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Getting Ready #sinfulsunday


Just getting ready . . . and practicing my “snaps” . . . for my first Club Rub of the year this evening.
Well actually it will be last night as you will probably be reading this on Sinful Sunday morning . . . possibly even before I’ve returned home!!!

You can see  how lots of other Sinful people have been spending their weekend by snapping onto the lips below!

Sinful SundayXxxx – K


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I just couldn’t resist #wickedwednesday

I know I’ve posted about MakeLoveNotPorn many times before, not just regularly on my own pages, but also here at Wicked Wednesday on several occasions in the past . . . So I feel a little guilty about mentioning it again. Or, if not guilty exactly, then slightly uneasy about being accused of being boring, or repetitive, or self-centred.

But . . . this week’s theme at Wicked Wednesday is “Porn” (do you watch? Does your partner? Do you mind? Do you watch it together? Do you get anything it? Do you think it is good or bad?).

So, of course, I just couldn’t resist mentioning it again . . . after all we’ve all watched it haven’t we? Certainly, I’m sure that if you are reading here then you will have watched porn . . . because it is part of everyday life isn’t it? Part of the #realworld . . . unavoidable, inescapable, constantly hinted at/flirted with, in all it’s softcore connotations in our mainstream media (television, papers, magazines, books and film) or easily accessible in all it’s hardcore connotations here on the internet (on our phones, laptops, tablets and smart televisions).

Porn, like all entertainment-forms in our modern world, is always just a few seconds . . . a few clicks away. And that’s what it is isn’t it? . . . just entertainment?

But isn’t entertainment, by it’s very nature, an amplification . . . an exaggeration . . . of real-life? Song, words, art, film, making those moments of “entertainment” seem larger than life?

And isn’t that the attraction, the magnet, that draws us all . . . that larger than life, excitement or thrill, that we all wish for?

But, for me at least, that is also what is worrying about most mainstream(ing) available porn. It IS an exaggeration . . . it isn’t actually #realworld at all.

Most of us here will, of course, be reassuring ourselves that we realise those images twisting and writhing and jumping across our screens are just an exaggeration, just entertainment . . . something to thrill to, without actually aspiring to or demanding of our own partners and loved ones, stroke-for-stroke, thrust-for-thrust! At least I hope we all realise . . .

Because surely the best porn of all is the porn (PurelyOutrageousReallyNatural) we make for ourselves. Porn that is exciting, satisfying, thrilling, fulfilling, respectful and LOVING with, or for, ourselves or our partners. The sort of Porn that more and more people are sharing with the world on . . . a place where #realworld people are celebrating having actual #realworldsex, without feeling the need (or perhaps the pressure) of having to replicate one of those “mainstream-ing sites”.

I realise that you may feel that my championing of again here, and constantly on my blog-pages, is perhaps the “Pot-calling-the-Kettle-Black” or simply a case of self-promotion . . . so do please click-away now . . . because I truly do think the ethos of MakeLoveNotPorn is so important . . . and I urge everyone to spend a few moments to listen and discover more about it from the lovely Cindy Gallop and her launch of MLNP at TED2009 >here<.


Thoughts from abroad . . . 2014

Porn is this week’s theme at Wicked Wednesday . . .  so tap on the Button below for lots more pornographic content!


Xxx – K


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Under the covers #sinfulsunday


It’s turned very cold here in London this weekend, but thanks to our special, special friends Mr & Mrs She Lover . . . it was lovely and warm under our covers last night . . . AND this morning!!!

It’s truly a blessing to have such wonderful friends to share fun, sex, laughter . . . and sinful-warmth . . . with.

I’m sure there will be lots more Sinful warming to be found this Sunday from snuggling-up to the lips below!

Sinful SundayXxxx – K


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