Hubby’s Reservoir #scavengerhunt 39

When I first suggested to Hubby that I wanted to post some Scavenger Hunt memories of our fun adventures over the years, his initial doubts were quickly replaced by “there’s this one place you MUST do”.

I knew just where he meant from the glint in his eye, somewhere he has to go back to every time we return to that hemisphere . . . “The Reservoir”!!!

ModestyReservoir1It was his childhood playground and every time we returned to gaze from it’s hill across the harbour to those islands with strange names, he’d repeat his stories of cowboy and indian skirmishes in the native bush below, scaling dangerous peaks to the summit of Everest, journeys to the moon and lunar landings!

ModestyReservoir2And each time we’ve returned since that first visit 32 years ago, he’d moan as the bush gradually disappeared and new houses crept further and further up his magic hill.  The view is still stunning of course, but now his sacred reservoir is virtually surrounded by houses and out-buildings.

ModestyReservoir3So despite my protests that “a Scavenger Hunt picture would have been so, so much easier 32 years ago!!!” I agreed to grant his wish.

ModestyReservoir4So this post is especially for Hubby . . . to add to all those other distant “boys own” memories.

You can do some exploring for yourself at my previous Scavenger locations on my Scavenger Hunt Listing page.

How about joining in the fun with some sharing of your own???

Xxx – K

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Switching @ #sinfulsunday

For all those who showed some concern for my “poor sub” after my recent Wicked Pegging . . .

ModestyAblazeSinfulPegsYou see . . . it’s not all one-way traffic!  After all, what’s good for the goose has to be good for the gander . . . and it was!!!

I’m certain you will see lots of other Sinful seconds, and other naughty fun, from pinching the lips below!

Sinful Sunday

Xxx – K


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Book Review: “My Not-So-Shameful Sex Secrets” by Girl On The Net

My recent, all too short, holiday allowed me the opportunity to catch-up on some relaxing . . . and exciting . . . reading.

Whilst I do try to spend every free commuting moment to and from work each day buried in my kindle, there is something so much more relaxing and rewarding about lounging by the pool completely lost in a new book. With only the occasional interruption . . . requesting “more sun-screen please, oh and whilst you’re up, I’d like a wine top-up as well!” from Hubby, or needing an hourly, 15-minute dip, in the water to cool me down (from the book as well as the sun!!!) . . . I was able to completely finish three new books during our time away. Each different in their own right, and each certainly very, very naughty and very, very exciting!

I’d brought two books with me . . . and was surprised (and delighted) to find another, very interesting book, on the communal bookshelf in the downstairs outside-lobby of our small apartment complex (See below: Does this count as a “Library” Scavenger Hunt Dee? LOL!!!). But more on that later . . .

ModestyBookcaseFull. . . BECAUSE, now that I’ve caught your attention . . . !!!

One of those two books I’d brought with me was “Girl on the Net: My Not-So-Shameful Sex Secrets” (Kindle Edition) by one of my most frequent click-to-visit bloggers Girl On The Net.

If you have read even just a few of her always direct and often intriguing blog-posts (and if you haven’t I urge you to visit NOW!!!) you may think you will know what to expect from Carina’s autobio-so-far-ography. But actually it is so, so much more than, certainly I, and I think probably most readers, would have expected!

If I tell you that on one of the most wonderful, relaxing, sexciting, fulfilling holidays . . . in one of the most beautiful and relaxing locations, I’ve ever experienced . . . reading “Girl on the Net: My Not-So-Shameful Sex Secrets” was one of the highlights of my vacation, then you may, just may, sense a tiny amount of the enjoyment I got from losing myself almost completely in Carina’s story.

And I should also tell you that Hubby would often have to tap me on the shoulder and whisper “Sh!” as I burst out into loud giggles of laughter, or exclamations of “yes, yes!!!” . . . so much so that other guests lounging by the pool would, apparently, lift themselves off their sunbeds, or look-up from their own books (or worse, remove their headphones) to enquire “she must have a good book???” as I rolled and shuffled and wriggled in shock, delight and (most often) agreement . . . and (occasionally) “oh no” disagreement . . . of the words as they jumped, squirmed and snaked from my Kindle screen.

To say that Carina’s words are direct, honest and straight-to-the-point, would be an understatement LOL! (there you see, I’m doing it again!!!) . . . but THAT is this book’s strength, appeal and, (dare I say it???), charm.

My life is seemingly completely the reverse of her own . . . I’d never set foot in a university until accompanying my own children on their first exploratory visits, never embarked on my first “fling” with another partner until after 10 years of marriage, never visited swinging or fetish clubs until another 10 years had passed . . . and yet every word, every emotion, every up . . . and every down . . . had me nodding in understanding, wonder and, yes, in agreement.

GirlOnTheNetCoverGirl On The Net’s frank and open narrative of her journey from those first discoveries of those private-bits that we all have, those feelings of doubt, guilt, enjoyment . . . those pressures from parents and peers alike . . . are simply wonderful to see recalled and described in such a simple, emotive and REAL manner.

Through first boyfriends, first loves, first orgasms, first heart-breaks . . . all whilst still at school!!! No preaching, no cry for help, no excuses made, nor expected, as we move chapter by chapter through Girl’s lovers (and loves), gains and losses, highs and lows. Some may be shocked by the language here (and by that I mean both in it’s form and description) . . . and at times I would pause from my nodding in agreement and ask myself “we have a son and daughter not too-much younger, would I be happy . . .?”

But do you know what !!! . . . these words make me think . . . “Yes, yes, I would”. Because?

Because Carina’s words, and emotions, and experiences . . . are real. Emotions that we all feel and experience . . . and yet her directness, her honesty, show an understanding, acceptance, maturity, that far too many people (parents with far too-short memories?), will admit to.

Reading “My Not-So-Shameful Sex Secrets” left me feeling I had been invited to share not just Carina’s story, but all of our stories, described in a way that most of us would be too introverted, worried, or “ashamed” to admit. Difficult, confusing, challenging, worrying . . . incomplete (both figuratively and literally in this case) . . . this book is all of those things and yet it is compelling reading, inspiring and questioning. It states the obvious in a very LOUD voice that demands to know why can’t we see, or admit to, the obvious! It cajoles and challenges with a wonderful sense of wit and humour, dry sarcasm . . . and yes, wisdom . . . that seems to shout “I know, I accept, who I am, but do YOU?”

If I haven’t prefaced the story, described the timeline, mentioned the principles, teased you with the climax . . . that is because I want you, challenge you, to read this book. To ask yourself if you don’t, really, truly, see at least a part of yourself amongst these pages . . . and to hope that in that realisation you, (we all), may think a little differently about how we see, accept or judge both ourselves and those around us.

Modesty Rating: 10 out of 10
Pros: Realworld language, honest, direct, humorous & witty, yet informative & compelling reading.
Cons: I can’t think of any.
Pages: 260pp
Buy Link: Girl on the Net: My Not-So-Shameful Sex Secrets (Kindle Edition)
Blog: Girl On The Net


The Modesty Rider:
I realise, of course, that there are already thousands of long-established Sex Toy Reviewers and Review sites . . . most of whom will be far more adapt at explaining all the technical details and specifications of things. But for me, sexy clothes and lingerie, sexy toys . . . and even sexy books . . . are all about adding a little fun and excitement to things. So that is how I tend to approach my reviews and videos!!! Just to explain “how it was for me” in a fun, and light-hearted, way without taking things too seriously! Chances are that if something makes me giggle and tingle and feel good, it will score higher on my Modesty Rating.


Xxx – K


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Modesty’s Last Post #WickedWednesday

Flowers will be gratefully accepted, should I be arrested, after a wonderfully fun night out with my friend No.37 in Hoxton last week!

ModestyPostBoxOne“I do need to send a letter urgently. Do you think we’ve missed the last post?”
“OMG . . . there’s a police car pulling-up next to us!”

ModestyPostBoxTwo“Excuse me madam . . . you’ll have to get down from there . . . it’s not safe to be climbing upon!”

ModestyPostBoxThree“Oh . . . I am so terribly sorry officer . . . my dress must have caught on something as I jumped down!

ModestyPostBoxLast“Well, they were very sympathetic actually . . . and just drove off. I suppose they must have had much more important things on their mind than me obstructing the Royal Mail !!!”

But it was certainly very exciting . . . so exciting that I’m hoping it will qualify for “Post Office Box” at Curvaceous Dee’s Scavenger Hunt.

But on this very Wicked Wednesday I’m sure you will find lots of other floral tributes from Marie’s button below!

rainbowcircle1-200Xxx – K


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Modesty’s #afterrealworldsexselfies

Whilst I’ve never been a great fan of the “selfies” craze . . . and for some of you it may already be a little passé by now . . . I have just returned from holiday to discover that my favourite website, MLNP, have started their own Instagram and Twitter tags for #afterrealworldsexselfies !!! So, of course, I just can’t resist in joining in . . . by posting my own, just after, #afterrealworldsexselfie

Modesty Ablaze #afterrealworldsexselfies. . . after all, not only is it yet another way of expressing just how real sex should be FUN . . . it is ALSO (to quote the lovely Sarah from MLNP)

“a great way to spark a healthy dialogue around sex and to celebrate the fact that #realworldsex isn’t exactly over as soon as everyone’s had their orgasm. We truly believe that the cuddling, eating, showering, or whatever it is that you do after #realworldsex is also part of the fun!”

I couldn’t agree more . . . and I urge you to join in and post your own fun, loving, cuddling and sharing “aftermath” moments of what I think you will ALL agree is the best fun we are all capable of having.

Whether together with partners, lovers, friends . . . or even (come-on don’t be afraid to admit it!!!) . . . alone on our own . . . it is the most wonderful form of release and relief.

Why not share your happiness and make others feel happy, and warm and tingly, at the same time. You know we all do it, we all have those moments, but too many of us don’t talk about it enough . . . just think how much happier, and calmer, and more fun . . . and more sharing . . . the world would be!!!

See how you can share your own #afterrealworldsexselfies from

It will make me smile (and tingle) if you do !!! – Xxx – K

Make Love Not Porn

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My Sub My Way @ #sinfulsunday

Oh I do so love being in control sometimes . . . one slow step at a time of course!

ModestySubMyWaySandwiching my sub . . . my way!!!

You are sure to find lots of other Sinful moments from stepping (gently please) on the lips below!

Sinful Sunday

Xxx – K


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On Lifeguard Duty #ScavengerHunt 37

We’ve just returned from a glorious . . . much too-short . . . get-away-break to our most favourite Greek Island.

LifeguardApproachTopNot every day started out brilliantly sunny, but even though the water was still as calm as a mill-pond . . .

LifeguardLadderI felt I should really help out with the beach safety-watch whilst the Lifeguard took a short break . . .

LifeguardClimbingI wasn’t too sure about my proficiency on the surfboard . . .

LifeguardSitting. . . but thought that, at the very least, if I kept an eye out on the waterfront it would be helpful.

LifeguardFinalOh . . . I can see him returning along the beach, so a normal (and more professional) service can be resumed.

My short-time on Lifeguard Duty was such fun I thought I would share it here and at Curvaceous Dee’s Scavenger Hunt. I’m not sure if there is a “Lifeguard Chair”, or perhaps a “Public Service”, category yet . . . but am hoping Dee will allow one or the other?

If you are interested in my other, earlier “Qualifying Attempts”, they can be found at my Scavenger Hunt Listing page.

Scavenger Hunt Platinum Award

And come-on, why not Dare to Bare and join in the fun with some sharing of your own???

Xxx – K


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Pegged at #WickedWednesday

Being away on holiday means it is sometimes necessary to improvise . . . and experiment . . . at playtime!

Modesty Ablaze and Hubbys PegsAnd as this week’s theme at Wicked Wednesday is all about Photographs, I thought I would let the picture tell the story.

I’m sure you will be able to see lots of other interesting photographs from Marie’s button below!

rainbowcircle1-200Xxx – K


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Erotic Authoress Belated Blog Hop – Helen Johnston

Earlier this year I welcomed Helen Johnston to my Erotic Authoress Spotlight page for the release of her first book in the Innocence Lost series. Being away on holiday for the past two weeks has meant that I missed her Blog Hop Tour to mark the release of Innocence Reclaimed . . .

So . . . in an effort to belatedly join the party, may I hand you over to Helen for an introduction to her latest release.

Helen Johnston's Innocence Reclaimed Blog Tour

A little about me!

I grew up in my family’s home in the County of Hampshire, England. My childhood dreams were filled with the desire to become a dancer. An only child, but I was never alone, my years were spent entertained with my vivid imagination. I met and married my husband not long after leaving school and soon after our son was born. My family is made complete with my two cats that are spoiled rotten, which results in them often thinking they rule the home.

My life consisted of home life and a few jobs in the retail industry and my vivid imagination refused to stay quiet. So combined with my love of erotica and all things vampire I decided to try my hand at writing and have never looked back.

You can find me in all sorts of places, including FB, Twitter and my blog and from my buy-links further below:

My Innocence Reclaimed Blurb

Delve deeper into the journey …

Siobhan remains in the clutches of Monique, trapped in her French chateau; her body drawn into a world of sensual and sexual awakening. Torn from Blake’s arms, will she ever see him again?

Jarryd, sworn to protect Siobhan for the Elder Blake, continues to feel overwhelming emotions that he thought were long dead. The passion and desire, his love for her, he knows is futile. A happily ever after with her would be the signing of his own death warrant.

Will Monique’s plans for Siobhan reach fruition as the Elders’ party draws closer, gathering them together once a century? Will hell on earth reign supreme? Or will Blake, one of the most powerful and charismatic Elders, be able to hold his restraint until the perfect time to rescue his love?

Helen’s Buy Links:















I hope you will investigate Helen’s links and enjoy, and share, all of the above. And if you would like to join my Erotic Authoress Spotlight features . . . and post your own Erotic work here . . . please email me with your details, from my Ebook page. 

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A Holiday Cocktale @ #sinfulsunday

One of the joys of being away on holiday is indulging in a late night cocktail . . . or two or three!!!

ModestyCocktaleOneI like mine shaken AND stirred . . . and, as I’m sure you can imagine, I always enjoy savouring every last drop.


You are sure to find lots of other Sinful indulgences from sipping the lips below!

Sinful Sunday

Xxx – K


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