Hair to Bare #wickedwednesday

Hair . . . or Bare? It is of course a matter of personal preference . . . and certainly back in 1985 it had never crossed my mind as to be anything other than “au naturel”!!!


Polaroids Past . . . Modesty au naturel in 1985.

And yet as soon as my “personal hair” had started growing, I’d always shaved my armpits . . . because as mother had told me “nice girls do”!!! But there was never any mention of shaving “further down below”.

It wasn’t until I discovered Nina Hartley, and her wonderfully fun and liberating movies, that I was tempted to shave my pubic hair.

Both Hubby, and my regular lover at the time (No.1), declared they loved it.
The smoothness of the “look” . . . and the smoothness of the “feel”. And so I continued.

But as time went by, I found the daily maintenance required to be tiresome . . . and time-wasting! So I began booking regular waxing appointments . . . and have just continued to do so. All of my lovers over the past years have seemed to comment approvingly . . . and so I remain . . . bare below.

Valentine kisses from Modesty Ablaze

Bare kisses from Modesty Ablaze – 2012

But, as I say . . . I know it is really a case of personal preference and I am sure you will find many diverse, and interesting, opinions on the subject at this week’s Wicked Wednesday from the button below.



Xxx – K



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The Uberkinky Strict Leather Locking Collar reviewed by Modesty Ablaze

If you are a regular visitor to my pages here you will know that over the past year I have been exploring my “Fetish” tendencies more and more.

I’ve always LOVED the fashion aspect of course and I’ve always adored the look and feel of latex and leather. So as my interest in my Fetish clothing . . . and toys . . . has developed, I have begun adding more items to my “special cupboard and drawer”.

During several switching-sessions . . . initially with Lover No.14 and then at some of our local dungeons . . . I’d collected a small collar or two. But imagine my delight to receive the Strict Leather Premium Locking Collar from Uberkinky for a product review.

I had seen pictures of this collar on the Uberkinky web-site, but it’s not until you actually unwrap and slide the collar from it’s plastic bag, and feel it in your hand, that you realise just how substantial and strong this collar really is.

It is constructed of three (yes three) thick layers of strong leather. Two for the body of the neck-piece itself and the outer one for the strap. Each layer is 4mm thick, with strong sewn edges. The two inner neck-piece layers, which are 58mm wide . . . or deep if you imagine the way it is when strapped around one’s neck . . . are sewn firmly together. The inner one being slightly padded so as not to chafe against the neck. Then the narrower (27mm) outer strap, for the buckle attachment and slots, is secured to the two neck-piece layers by eight steel rivets in such away that the steel fixes only to the outer neck-piece layer. In other words, the rivets are visible only from the outside of the collar and cannot be seen, or more importantly felt, on the side of the collar which touches the skin of the wearers neck. (You may be able to see what I mean by clicking on the picture gallery below for a more close-up view).

This outer strap is 61 cm in length, 11cm longer than the two inner straps, with an impressive chrome-silver steel buckle (almost 4cm square) at one end and eight securing slots cut into the leather at the other end. These rectangular shaped slots, each about 10mm long and 4mm deep, and equally spaced 1cm apart, accept the prong of the buckle itself, allowing for a reasonably tight fit I would imagine no matter how thick or thin the neck of the wearer. The prong has a circular end rather than the pointed end you would associate with a “normal” belt-buckle. This makes it easy to attach a thin padlock to lock the collar in place . . . if you so wish . . . see below!

Modesty Ablaze Uberkinky Collar1In addition there are three quite large steel D-Rings attached to this fixing strap. They each stand 25mm proud of the strap, the middle one being exactly half-way between the buckle and the end of the strap, with the other two fixed 75mm on either side. They can easily be folded back flat against the strap or used to attach additional restraints such as rope or a leash to the collar (see the picture gallery below!).

As well as the initial weight of the collar in my hand I was certainly impressed by the obvious strength of manufacture of the collar. And, I would imagine, it’s durability . . . even with long and regular use. LOL!!!

Although I can enjoy both a submissive or a dominant role . . . depending on my mood AND my company . . . just opening and feeling and examining this collar in my hands immediately brought out my domme side and I couldn’t wait to buckle it around the neck of my No.1 Slave. The stiffness of the new leather does make it a little difficult to adjust at first. Finding the correct wrap-around position and the right slot for the most comfortable fit took a little practice. But the look of the collar . . . and that lovely intoxicating leather smell . . . made the slight fiddling, and pinching, more than worthwhile.

No.1 Slave pronounced it being difficult to “look down” as the width reached directly below his chin. “Good, that’s exactly how I like it!” I replied to his complaint. “Now where did I put that padlock!”

In the interest of objectivity of course . . . and experiencing those nice little mood-swings later in the evening . . . I tried it on myself for the first time. And I did see what he meant about not being able to move one’s head up or down with any ease. But actually it is reasonably comfortable to wear . . . you certainly feel you are being “collared” . . . but after all that is just as it should be.

No.1 has now worn it for several hours at a time at two recent events without complaint, well not about the collar at least! LOL!!! And I have loved leading him around . . . with leash attached . . . so much so that I made him buy two matching wrist-cuffs we came across whilst browsing at a recent Fetish Fair. And the cuffs have those D-rings as well, ideal for fixing with a short rope to the corresponding D-rings on my Uberkinky Collar!!! Ooohhh I’m getting all over-excited just thinking about it again now . . .

So . . . if you are looking for a strong, secure, collar with which to restrain your submissive, improve their posture and acknowledge their place in your presence, I would highly recommend you visit Uberkinky from the >Buy Link< below. And I’m confident you’ll spend quite some time browsing their extensive range of other extremely interesting items as well! LOL!!!

You can also find them on Twitter @UberKinky.

Modesty Rating: 8 out of 10
Pros: Strong and very well made. Lovely to look at both off . . . and . . . on!!!
Cons: Quite stiff and the buckle stem is fiddly the first few times to put on. Definitely a 2-person activity to achieve the best fit initially. But if you do wish to put it on alone, with practice and the aid of a mirror, it becomes easier the more often you try.
Material: Leather with steel buckle, D-rings, and rivets.
Size: 61cm (24 inches) long x 5.75cm (2.25 inches) wide
Weighs: 0.240 kg . . . so substantial to hold in your hand, but actually not uncomfortable at all to wear.
Ease of Use: See cons above!
Available Colours: Black
Additional Play Options: The buckle-tongue makes it easy to attach a lock (not supplied), and those D-rings are ideal for securing ropes or a slave-leash (not supplied either, but I’m sure you’ll have your own!)
Waterproof: You wouldn’t want to wear it at the local Lido . . . would you???
After-care: I’d recommend you wipe after use with a soft dry cloth to remove your submissives excited sweat. Normal leather cleaning products afterwards.
Storage: Out of sight of the in-laws! Perhaps in the loose plastic-bag it arrived in.
Manufacturer Product link: Uberkinky Bondage and Slave Collars.
Buy Link: Strict Leather Premium Locking Collar.

Click on the individual images below for a closer view if you dare!


Xxx – K

The Strict Premium Locking Collar was sent to me, free-of-charge, by Uberkinky for an honest and un-biased review.


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Mistress Commands @ #sinfulsunday

Mistress Modesty CommandsYou know that I would never, ever, wish to flout the law . . . and that I normally never, ever, discuss politics.

Well, hardly never, ever . . . because this past week here in the UK has made me want to make an exception to that rule.

If you want just a hint of my own opinion you will have to kiss me carefully and gently above . . . or, if you prefer not to know, then just kiss the Sinful Sunday lips below instead . . .

Because I believe, everyone should be entitled to their own opinions and be able to make their own choices, Sinful or otherwise!

Sinful Sunday

Xxx – K


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Modesty’s Jazz Graffiti #scavengerhunt 54

I’m not normally a fan of Jazz, nor of Graffiti . . . but both forms have a little bit of “Scavenger Hunting” about them don’t they?

ModestyJazz1So it seemed only appropriate, when I found this wall-graffiti, to stop for a Scavenger picture or two . . . after the car had passed by, of course!!!

ModestyJazz2It was on a street corner near the town centre of the lovely town we were staying at during our autumn vacation near Valencia.

ModestyJazz3The graffiti was actually really well done . . . and very interesting to look at.

ModestyJazz4I noticed that each car that passed was as interested in the detail as I was . . . as they all seemed to slow down to look at the wall as they drove by.

And I hope you will agree that it is worthy of a mention
at Curvaceous Dee’s Scavenger Hunt !!!

You can see lots of other interesting locations that I have strolled past at my
Scavenger Hunt Listings Page  . . . and may I suggest you join in the fun with some sharing of your own at Dee’s site by clicking on the button below!

P.S. You can also view some of my previous walking adventures at my
Scavenger Slideshow >here<!!!

Come on, it is such funLet’s all Dare to Bare !!!

Scavenger Hunt Platinum Award

Xxx – K


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Exorcising Modesty’s Skeleton . . . #wickedwednesday

WomenBehindWordsI’m sure we all have “Skeletons in the Closet”, some so personal and private that we would never wish for them to be disclosed.

But opening up my own skeleton (this week’s theme at Wicked Wednesday) led to the most wonderful, emotional release that changed my life forever . . . and for the better!

I left home and moved in with my husband-to-be at just 19, not long out of school . . . but swept off my feet. Life was fun and fulfilling and we married two years later. Pre-children, and with Hubby working seven days a week starting a new business, I slowly began finding myself bored with my evenings-alone home-making and decorating our new flat. And with more and more time on my hands

. . . a new job of my own gave me new interests and new friends, one of whom was rather dishy! Lunchtime coffees, turned into after-work drinks. And after-work drinks turned into after-work meals . . . and, somehow, after just a few weeks, I suddenly found myself involved in an extra-marital affair.

It wasn’t that I’d fallen out of love with Hubby, it wasn’t that our own sex had become unfulfilling or routine . . . it was just that someone else desired me, flattered me, interested me and I found that interest, and flattery exciting and entrancing . . . and I just couldn’t resist.

Of course I felt terribly guilty after each meeting . . . telling myself each time that it would be the last. But I couldn’t stop myself and the affair continued. After all, it wasn’t as though I expected, or even wanted, a permanent relationship with my new lover. I didn’t want to change my life, or his. We both knew the times we were together were just something different and exciting and just-for-the-moment. And the fact that sex with Hubby immediately after a meeting with my lover, seemed to reach new heights of lust and passion, just added to the excitement of my secret life.

But . . . as time passed and the excitement of our lover-liaisons began to assume almost a normalcy of their own . . . those nagging feelings of guilt began to return. I was cheating on someone I truly loved . . . I was living a lie. I knew it wasn’t right, it wasn’t how it was supposed to be.

I can still remember the evening I told Hubby I was having an affair . . . still remember the song he was playing on the stereo as I sat down beside him on the sofa . . . still remember his question “Well, do you want to tell me something?”

I blurted out my “confession” . . . thinking all the while that it would shatter our world, that he would explode with feelings of betrayal and that it would be the end of our marriage. But INSTEAD Hubby told me he’d suspected it for months, not knowing the who or where, but suspecting the when and how often.

And to my amazement, he said he not only understood my feelings of flattery and excitement . . . and my giving-in to temptation . . . he actually wanted me to continue the relationship, to continue to enjoy the freedom and excitement of what was mine, and only mine, to give. The fact that he wasn’t jealous, wasn’t outraged or upset . . . was just the most wonderful, emotional and loving feeling I had ever felt.

That moment changed our lives and I truly believe, made our relationship EVEN stronger and more loving and more fulfilling than either of us could ever have imagined.

That day was over 27 years ago! The affair with Lover No.1 continued, with Hubby and he meeting and becoming friends. And over the years since there have been many more lovers . . . and many more wonderful and incredible adventures . . . and new chapters that still continue to open before us.

And when I often . . . very, very often . . . think how wonderfully fun, and loving, and exciting our years together have been, I thank God that I did open my Closet Doors and exorcise that Skeleton!!!

You are sure to find many more Skeletons in The Closet by gently knocking on Marie’s button below!


Xxx – K



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Masked @ #sinfulsunday

ModestyMaskedDec714It’s a very grey December Sunday morning here.
But don’t despair if it’s dull and grey where you are too . . . because I just know that by gently kissing the Sinful Sunday lips below, your windows will be magically filled with splashes of colour.

Sensual and sinful colour that is!!!

Sinful Sunday

Xxx – K


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Modesty morning walk #scavengerhunt 53

Even when we are away on holiday, I like to start my weekend with a brisk morning walk.

Modesty Ablaze walking trailEspecially when we find such a lovely location as this walkway during our Southern Hemisphere vacation earlier this year.

Modesty Ablaze walking trailThe locals had told us that this path led to a wonderful viewing-point of a really famous waterfall. So we set-off feeling relaxed and at-one with nature and the beautiful surroundings . . .

Modesty Ablaze walking trail. . . only to have to quickly step-off the path and into the bush, a few hundred metres around this bend, at the sound of an approaching hiking-tour group coming from the opposite direction!

But once they had passed-by we were able to get to that Waterfall viewing-point
. . . perhaps I will share those views for my next post at the fantastically fun
Curvaceous Dee’s Scavenger Hunt !!!

You can see lots of my other Scavenger Hunt walk-abouts at my
Scavenger Hunt Listings Page  . . . and may I suggest you join in the fun with some sharing of your own at Dee’s site by clicking on the button below!

P.S. You can also view some of my previous walking adventures at my
Scavenger Slideshow >here<!!!

Come on, it is such funLet’s all Dare to Bare !!!

Scavenger Hunt Platinum Award

Xxx – K


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Modesty’s Toy Review Round-Up: HedoVibes#69 – my FAV Number!

maPhoto courtesy of Modesty Ablaze

Number 69 . . . my very FAVOURITE Number! . . . and even more so now as this Edition of Hedo Vibes Round-up features not only my review of the wonderful Diamond Dream Glass Dildo, but also my very own photograph of the Dream above!

So . . . welcome to HedoVibes, a collection of reviews and giveaways that were posted in the past week or so from around the web. This is a collection of adult product reviews & contests from real reviewers. If you want to be included in the next edition start with the guidelines, then use the submission form.

Want to read more reviews? Check out HedoVibes for a list of the latest reviews and stellar reviewers. You can also follow on twitter for the latest round ups. HedoVibes is also accepting photo submissions for each edition.











Watch my latest Video Review of The Diamond Dream Glass Dildo >here<!

Watch my previous Video Review of The Infiniti Dual Stimulation Vibrator >here<!

Visit my Sex Toys page for some of my new favourites!

Visit my Swingers Clubs page for clubs personally recommended by my readers  . . .

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Modesty “Completely Hooked” #realworldsex

I delighted to tell you that my latest #realworldsex video “Completely Hooked (The Dungeon – Part Two)” has just been published at And, as I mention in my introduction video below, (click the screen to view), it is my 12th video . . . and just over 12 months . . . since I submitted my first film to MLNP.

CompletelyHooked600x370FinalDec114It features a return to The Hoxton Dungeon, the scene of Modesty & The St Andrews Cross (my most popular video to date) with Lover No.14

“Completely Hooked” is . . . even for me . . . not your average sort-of erotic video. But it was an absolutely fun and amazing, multi-orgasmic time, with lots of giggles, pop-corn(???), rope and bondage play, anal stimulation, gentle hook-suspension, wands . . . and oh, did I say . . . multi-orgasms?

And even though it probably isn’t the sort of film one would normally see on, for me at least . . . it really is what #realworldsex is all about. Just having a wonderfully fun and arousing time, experiencing something completely different with people you feel happy and comfortable to be with.

I simply loved it . . . as I think you will be able to tell . . . and I hope you will too.

You can rent “Completely Hooked” from my Modesty Ablaze MakeLoveNotPorn page >here<. It’s completely FREE to register at MLNP and I’m sure you will enjoy not just my 12 #realworldsex videos, but lots of other fun and amazing contributions from the growing MLNP community as well!!!


There are some screen shots and Free Peek links to this, and all of my #realworldsex videos, at my Make Love Not Porn page. And much more on just why I love the whole concept of MLNP and all of the other Real World People enjoying their own Real World Sex.

So . . . I hope you will enjoy not just my naughty fun with Lover No.14, but lots more of the #realworld sex at !!!

And don’t forget, you can ask me ANY questions you like about any of my videos, or anything about  MakeLoveNotPorn in the form below.

NB: Submissions from this form are emailed directly to my In-box and are NOT displayed publicly. (Alternatively, you can make public comments, in the normal way, from the “Comment” panel at the very foot of this post).

Make Love Not Porn


Xxx – K

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Sinfully Sharing @ #sinfulsunday

Sinfully Sharing with She LoverSinful Sunday is all about sharing isn’t it. Sharing one’s sinful fun, sinful thoughts and sinful experiences . . . and of course . . . sinful images.

So I thought this photograph would be a sinfully appropriate (sharing!!!) image from a wonderfully sinful Sunday-morning . . . from just last weekend.

You are sure to find many more deliciously sinful images, from lots of other Sinful Sunday people, by sucking the luscious lips below!

Sinful Sunday

P.s. With loving thanks, and wet, wet kisses (all over), to my two favourite sinful-lovers for agreeing to join me here!!!

Xxx – K


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