Modesty Sculptures #ScavengerHunt 49

Modesty Ablaze Valencia 1We’ve just returned from a wonderful week away in Valencia and during one of our early evening strolls we came across these modern Spanish sculptures.

Modesty Ablaze Valencia 2Although we are in the middle of October it was still remarkably mild as dusk approached.

Modesty Ablaze Valencia 3And, of course, I just couldn’t resist wanting to feel a little of that warming autumnal breeze.

Modesty Ablaze Valencia 4I was trying to keep my eye out so as not to offend any other people out for an evening walk.

Modesty Ablaze Valencia 5But as is often the case, Hubby was too busy taking a picture to notice the gentleman walking along the pavement behind me. “I haven’t got eyes in the back of my head!” I  hissed at him as I suddenly heard the footsteps!

Modesty Ablaze Valencia 6“One more then” I agreed for Hubby as the gentleman continued on his way. “But quickly because I can see more walkers coming along the path”.

But I did feel rather attached to these sculptures . . . particularly the one above staring out to sea . . . and I thought they would be an ideal addition to the Sculptures Category at Curvaceous Dee’s Scavenger Hunt.

You can explore lots of my other Scavenger Hunts at my Scavenger Hunt Listings Page  . . . and may I suggest you join in the fun with some sharing of your own at Dee’s site by clicking on the button below!

Come on, it is such funLet’s all Dare to Bare !!!

Scavenger Hunt Platinum Award

Xxx – K

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Two For One @ #sinfulsunday

Modesty Ablaze Greedy GirlNo, not another Two-For-One Scavenger Hunt post . . . but a little TwoForOne fun from earlier this year!

Well not so “little” actually . . . I remember it being rather a large mouthful at the time . . . and this image brings back some lovely memories!!!

And as Sinful Sunday is always all about the image I thought it would be fun to share it here.
You can see who else is sharing their Sinful images by kissing the lips below!

Sinful Sunday

Xxx – K


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Public Warning Signs #ScavengerHunt 48

I do realise that the “Signs” category at Curvaceous Dee’s  Scavenger Hunt is meant to be for Road Signs. (In fact the sign immediately below is a roadside sign leading to the wonderful Apartment Complex we stayed at during our recent island holiday in Greece).

ModestyPrivatePropertyBut it was the sign at the top of the stairs of the Apartments that I immediately fell in love with!!!
Follow me, it’s just at the top, after you turn the corner to the next level.

ModestyPublicStairsLook, here it is! The top line in red letters . . . “Warning” . . . has faded in the sun and is difficult to read from the bottom of the stairs.

ModestySlipperyOneBut . . . there, if you come a little closer . . . can you read it now?
“Warning. Take Care Slippery When Wet” it says!!!


Hubby and I burst out laughing . . . in unison . . . when we first saw it. “They must have heard you were coming!” he said.

And so, of course, I knew I just had to get a picture for Dee’s site. I mean you all would, wouldn’t you???

You can slip and slide around lots of my other Scavenger Hunts at my SH Listings Page  . . . and may I suggest you join in the fun with some sharing of your own at Dee’s site by clicking on the button below!

Come on, it is such funLet’s all Dare to Bare !!!

Scavenger Hunt Platinum Award

Xxx – K


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Flamenco @ #polaroidspast No.3


A Modesty “Flamenco Moment” from 1989

I’ve not yet had anyone else join me in my Polaroids Past celebration of the natural changes all of our bodies make . . . but I thought I would continue on anyway . . .

. . . because I think that re-living some of our past memories, is not only fun, but also a way of celebrating our bodies and reminding ourselves that not only are we all different shapes and sizes, but we all change and grow into different shapes and sizes. That is just how we all naturally develop and change.

***You can join-in by completing the (confidential) submission form below:

Or, if you prefer, simply grab the Polaroids Past logo below and publish a post on your own blog with #polaroidspast as part of the title, and a link from the logo back to my Polaroids Past page >here<. You can submit your Blog Post URL (if you have one) by completing the form, or enter your contact details in the form and I will reply with further details asap.
NB: The form is completely confidential and your details / comments are not displayed.

Or, perhaps we could have a rolling slide-show Gallery . . . what do you think? Come-on, it may be a wee-bit embarrassing . . . but it really is just a bit of fun . . . and I think fun is what life should be all about!!!

Come-on . . . Dare to Bare . . . !!!

Modesty Ablaze in Polaroids Past

Xxx – K

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Modesty Roundabout #ScavengerHunt 47

During our vacation earlier this year we had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Curvaceous Dee for a fun lunch and an afternoon of Two-For-One Scavenger Hunts (many of which you can view from my SH Listings Page  . . .).  For my first solo SH, Dee led me down the hill to this roundabout!

ModestyRoundabout1The flower bed in the middle did look rather nice and well-tended . . . even if the sound of the circling cars was a little distracting!

ModestyRoundabout2The flowers certainly did smell nice though!

ModestyRoundabout3It was lovely and sunny and quite warm, so I was grateful of Dee’s parasol . . .

ModestyRoundaboutFinal. . . for a little bid of shade, and a little bit of anonymity from any motorists not keeping their eyes on the road!!!

Quite thrilling!!! And I think this makes my 47th location on Dee’s Scavenger Hunt page. You can wander round(about) lots of my other Scavengers at my SH Listings Page  . . . and search out those “Two-For-One” posts with Dee that I mentioned earlier.

And . . . before you drive off . . . may I suggest you join in the fun with some sharing of your own???

Come on, it is such funLet’s all Dare to Bare !!!

Scavenger Hunt Platinum Award

Xxx – K


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#afterrealworldsexselfies No.3

Not exactly a selfie . . . Hubby was too exhausted to move, let alone lift a camera . . . but still an #afterrealwordsex moment. Which I think I captured quite well, don’t you think?

HubbyBackPrelimAnd I think my handiwork is quite appropriate for my favourite website, MLNP#afterrealworldsexselfies theme showing, as it does, those immediate moments after some lovely . . . and loving . . . fun. (**See my P.S.).

Because . . . to quote Madam Curator Sarah from MLNP . . . #afterrealworldsexselfies are:

“a great way to spark a healthy dialogue around sex and to celebrate the fact that #realworldsex isn’t exactly over as soon as everyone’s had their orgasm. We truly believe that the cuddling, eating, showering, or whatever it is that you do after #realworldsex is also part of the fun!”

So why not join in with some #afterrealworldsexselfies of your own. You can find out more at

It will make me smile (and tingle) if you do !!! – Xxx – K

Make Love Not Porn

**P.S. In case you’re wondering about the “pegs & brushes”, we were on holiday and travelling light (so no room for my canes, floggers & paddles, so I just had to improvise!!!)
Oh . . . and I hope more will be revealed soon in a future MLNP-video!!!

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Modesty on the Quay #ScavengerHunt 46

Modesty Ablaze Quay1I do like to be beside the seaside! The peaceful lapping of the water against the quayside  . . . the smell of breakfast-bacon from the yachts at their moorings.

Modesty Ablaze Quay2The gentle slapping of oars into the water from a lone rower . . . unnoticed until his dinghy-thingy glided past behind us!

Modesty Ablaze Quay3The swans paddling up to us . . . obviously expecting bread for their own morning breakfast!

Modesty Ablaze Quay4Yes, I do so love to be beside the quayside . . . especially when it’s such a beautiful location as this lovely little town in Dorset on the south coast of England.

It is certainly worthy of it’s World Heritage Coastline status . . . and, I think at least, certainly worthy of inclusion on Curvaceous Dee’s Scavenger Hunt page as my 46th Scavenger Post.

There are lots more of my other Scavengers at my SH Listings Page  . . . and may I suggest you join in the fun with some sharing of your own???
Come on, it is such fun – Let’s all Dare to Bare !!!

Scavenger Hunt Platinum Award

Xxx – K


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A sense of touch #wickedwednesday

Twisted BallsA sense of touch . . . a twist of passion . . . a shock of pain . . . a rush of blood
. . .  a blur of emotions . . . a shout of excitement . . .
the joy of success . . . the sweet smell of release.

All our senses shared . . . all our senses spent.

This week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt is “Senses” . . . and you are are bound to find more senses-shared by clicking on Marie’s button below!


Xxx – K



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The Delicious Torment #sinfulsunday

This week’s Sinful Sunday is all about selecting a favourite image to match the title of one of the very erotic, very prolific, Alison Tyler’s many erotic books. And, as the feeling of anything wet and slippery on my clit is always deliciously tormenting . . . I just had to choose a recent strawberry moment!!

Modesty Ablaze Delicious TormentYou will find lots more deliciously naughty images . . . and an amazingly long list of Alison’s titles by licking the lips. (The lips below silly!!!)

Sinful Sunday

Xxx – K


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Nominations are open for the Top Sex Bloggers of 2014

Modesty Ablaze CuffedDoes October make you feel blue, bored, blasé . . . with the fun of your summer holiday already a fading, distant memory . . . and are thoughts of the pressure and chaos of Christmas already crossing your mind? 

Well here’s an ideal opportunity for some exciting and titillating distraction and enjoyment . . . not one, but two, Top Sex Bloggers of 2014 Nomination Websites for you to peruse and investigate!!!

Every year both Kinkly and Between My Sheets offer their readers the opportunity to nominate their favourite on-line reading, most sexciting, most sexformative, most-visited bookmarks in their browser.

Not only is it a great way of passing on a little thanks to some of the people that have entertained and informed you throughout the year . . . or who, perhaps unknowingly, may have given you strength and self-believe in sharing thoughts and experiences similar to your own . . . but I also find it is a wonderful way of discovering yet more interesting and fun erotic people and their blogs!

Blogs and experiences that you may otherwise have never come across . . . blogs and experiences that strike a chord, reinforce feelings and desires that you share . . . blogs and posts that make you laugh out loud in agreement (or sometimes wonder!)

So, I really do recommend that you follow both of the above links . . . because I am sure you will find fun times within.

And fun times, for me, is what life should be all about . . . so go on, click and enjoy.

Oh, and yes, I will feel flattered, and honoured should you wish to mention, or include, during your travels >here< at Kinkly or >here< Between Rori’s Sheets . . . but most of all, I hope you find fun times!!!

Xxx –  K

Oh, and p.s. – Huge thanks, as always, to the wonderful John Tisbury (see my sidebar) for the picture of me above!

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